Monday, July 21, 2014

"Did Anyone Live In Palestine Prior to the Formation of Israel?"

Did Anyone Live In Palestine Prior to the Formation of Israel?: "Many claim that no one lived in Palestine prior to the formation of the state of Israel. Indeed, Israel was sited in Palestine under the slogan:

“A land without a people for a people without a land” ….

But the history of Palestine is much more complicated

The complication is explained in the video - History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. It is over 36 minutes long. It comes from a lecture and contains perspectives that many people haven't considered, otherwise there would not be the continuing conflict.

Some Fear Vets Flooding Private Care

Military Report - Some Fear Vets Flooding Private Care: "The push by Congress to solve a health care wait-time crisis by granting access to private sector health care for those who face waits that exceed 30 days or who live more than 40 miles from a VA care facility is being slowed by concerns about the impact it could have on both VA and the private sector."

Nevermind that the veterans are not getting their health care. Let us worry about the "private sector." What is wrong with this country?

China trying to calm the US as China and Venezuela strengthen ties

Commentary: No alarm for U.S. as China, Venezuela cement ties: Chinese editorial in part:

"Just like always, voices of suspicion have emerged in the West, speculating the so-called "hidden agenda" behind the visits [by Chinese President Xi Jinping].

The case of Venezuela presents a particular concern for the United States, which sees the country as an eyesore in a region that it has repeatedly and disrespectfully called its "backyard."

For years, Venezuela has, along with several other countries, played as a major anti-U.S. force in Latin America by publicly defying Uncle Sam's long-standing dominance in the region, especially under the leadership of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

However, it is unwise and regrettable for the United States to reckon that China, with its expanding engagement with Venezuela, is harboring the intention to instigate the country's confrontation with Washington or to fan up the flames of anti-U.S. sentiment across the continent."

Ukraine: men blacks - neo-Nazis mercenaries

Ukraine: men blacks - Reportage: "The battalion Azov, accused of Nazi sympathies, he is fighting with his 250 men on the eastern front against the rebels pro-Russian Ukraine." Battalion Azov: "Azov Battalion (Ukrainian: Батальйон «Азов») is a paramilitary, [footnotes not included] volunteer auxiliary police unit, which includes a company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine special police force. "Azov" is based in Mariupol (i.e. Azov Sea littoral region)."

Irish Times: "The unit was formed by the Social National Assembly, a Ukrainian nationalist group described by critics as violently racist, and its emblem includes variations on the “black sun” and “wolf’s hook” symbols long associated with Nazism."

This is what the US government has wrought and supports.

More paranoia about Muslims

Friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber found guilty of conspiracy:

"The 20-year-old University of Massachusetts Dartmouth student [Azamat Tazhayakov] was accused of removing Tsarnaev’s laptop and a backpack containing gunpowder and fireworks from his room, and subsequently destroying them.

The Boston jury found him guilty of all the charges relating to the backpack and fireworks, but not guilty of conspiring to one count of each of those charges regarding the removal of Tsarnaev’s laptop, however."

One wonders what was the point of the "trial." He will be sentenced October 16. The sentence will be a window on the anti-Muslim hysteria extant in America - the land of the free unless you are Muslim. The jury took 15 hours.

His lawyers Derege Demissie and Susan Church:
"This case is about a frightened and confused 19 year old who was subjected to intense questioning and interrogation, without the benefit of counsel, and in the context of one of the worst attacks against the nation."
"[H]e was being prosecuted because he was friends with Tsarnaev, and did not know of Tsarnaev’s alleged involvement in the bombing when he went to his dorm room.
This seems a reasonable explanation.

The real paranoia will show when the sentence is handed down October 16. It is almost certain to be excessive given the facts of the case and the 'crimes' of which he was convicted.

Rest easy warmongers - the "black boxes" are safe

Ukrainian militia hand over MH17 flight recorders to Malaysia. Too bad for Western leaders - the flight recorders have been turned over to the proper authorities.

"Colonel Mohamed Sakri of Malaysian National Security Council said that the two black boxes were "in good condition.”

"While the West accuses self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine of tampering with evidence at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, there is yet to surface any evidence that sheds light on the exact events."

Of course the pro-Russian rebels might have had a magical wand that tampered with the recordings. Obama and Cameron must be just sick. Wait until they hear the final conclusions. See my earlier post: Parrotting Western press: 'Russia did it'.

Western media - perverting the truth about pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian plane downing

Pervert truth: How rebel mourning MH17 victims was turned into looter with trophy. The story is about how easy it is to take things out of context to tell the story you want told. The American government is great at this especially at the hands of the Obama.

The video that snippets were taken shows the full context.

Here is just one of the false claims.
"Dutch Design Photos @Artstudio23
Unf**king believable #MH17 holding up this teddy bear as a trophy ... #russia #ukrainecrash "

"Parkey @PiscatorRedux
A poignant and defining image of my day is a man in Ukraine, weapon and fag in one hand, and a murdered child's toy monkey in the other."

But here is the story:
"The footage shows that one of the members of self-defense troops suddenly saw a teddy bear which apparently belonged to a child who was among the 298 passenger on board the Malaysian jet.
“We want those bastards to see whom they shot down,” the man said, “Do you see?” meaning that there were innocent children who died in the crash.
Then he carefully put the toy back to a heap of other items that used to belong to the passengers. After that he took off his cap and marked himself with a sign of the cross paying the tribute to the memory of the victims of the catastrophe."
And it is not only the trolls.

Here is the mayor of Cedar Park, Texas - where else.
"Mayor Matt Powell @MayorPowell
Pic of separatist holding child's stuffed monkey toy in wreckage is infuriating as a parent. US response lacking. We used to call out evil."

And the media outlets used the photo - not the video. "A photo signed “pro-Russian fighter holds up a toy found among the debris at the crash site of MH17” has been used by such major media outlets as the BBC and NBC."

Where does all this hate come from? Most of these people were not alive or mature enough to know anything about the Soviet Union to carry that knowledge over to Russia. Maybe they recognize and are afraid that Russia is doing quite well for itself - much better off economically than Western countries. A little time with the CIA World Factbook will enlighten the skeptics.