Saturday, July 4, 2015

NATO hubris accusing Russia of aggressive methods in Black Sea.

NATO Accuses Russia of 'Aggressive Methods' of Naval Intel Collection: "General Bradshaw, who presently serves as NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, noted that Russia shadows and gathers info about 'NATO nation naval units in the Baltic, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, using methods that can be considered reckless and sometimes aggressive.'"

To the left is the map from the article NATO Exercises Ongoing Near Russia Since 2014.  Hubris a fitting term describing NATO in general, but especially Bradshaw.

Slave-labor - isn't there some culpability by the farm?

Slave-Labor Ring on Ohio Egg Farms Exposed: "Four people have been charged with running or aiding a slave-labor ring that forced Guatemalan teenagers to work at egg farms in central Ohio, while having their money taken."

Isn't it possible that the farm outsourced the work knowing full well, or not caring, that the work being performed did not accord to federal and possibly state laws? Is it fair or correct that the farm can assert some plausible deniability?

Doesn't the law also hold accountable the real employer for the acts of its agents?

Pure propaganda by the Swedes and others.

Swedish Fighter Jets Scramble to Intercept Russian Tu-22 Over the Baltic: "Over the past few months, several NATO members have expressed concern over Russia's alleged violations of their airspace."

In every case the press releases after noting that Russian jets did this or did that - they also note that Russians were not in violation of any law, i.e., they were where they had a right to be. Racism and stereotyping in full swing.

Teacher gets 22 years for sex with three 17 year old teenagers - unjust!

Russian Social Media Rushes to Defend US Teacher Convicted of Sex Crimes: "Russian language social media users have jumped to the defense of Jennifer Fichter, the Florida English teacher who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with three teenagers. And while Russian internet users have offered a number of reasons for defending her, everyone seems to agree that her punishment is unjust."

Ukrainian blockade of Donbass - more than irrational it is podunk stupid.

Kiev Can't Get Donbass Back Through Economic Blockade – French Media: "Le Figaro also noted that Kiev's logic, which calls for blockading the area in the hope that ordinary residents turn against the authorities of the fledgling Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, is irrational."

Friday, July 3, 2015

NATO expansion to attack Russia

NATO Expands in Europe to Attack Russia - Austrian EU Exit Party: "The leader of the Austrian EU-Austrittspartei, Robert Marschall claims that NATO expands in Europe not to defend itself but to attack Russia."

Good luck with this: “Our position is that we want American soldiers out of Europe.

UN: Evidence of Israel's Gaza war crimes

UN Found Evidence of Israel, Palestine Guilt in Gaza War Crimes: "The UN has condemned Israel as well as Palestinians for war crimes in Gaza saying evidence indicates international humanitarian law breaking and calling for violators to be prosecuted." No surprise what nation voted against:

WTF: Google ‘Nazi death camps’ game locations. Of course an apology makes it right.

Google ‘Nazi death camps’ game incurs furious backlash from Holocaust survivor groups: "Google has caused uproar among Holocaust survivor groups with an augmented reality game that includes Nazi death camps among its playing locations. The Google subsidiary responsible has since apologized."

How insensitive and ignorant has so called 'responsible' people become. Once the word Nazi comes into play it ought to rings alarm bells.

US: a supreme being determining what is right or wrong based on their criteria - what could go wrong.

CIA Spied on Germans and Outed Leaker to Retaliate Against Press: “'People around the world — regardless of their nationality — should know that the United States is not spying on ordinary people who don’t threaten our national security,' Ned Price, spokesperson for the National Security Council, said in a statement to The Intercept. 'We also have made clear that we take their privacy concerns into account.'” But see:

One more bit of evidence that the US and ISIL are allies - at least when its in US interests

Obama Catches Flack for Blocking Plan to Help Kurds Fight ISIL: "The United States is infuriating its Middle East allies by blocked their attempts to supply heavy weapons directly to Kurds fighting militants from the so-called Islamic State terror group in Iraq."

True democracy - if campaign struggles - throw money at it.

As Sanders Gathers Huge Crowds of Supporters, Soros Rushes to Clinton's Aid: "As Vermont senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders fills huge arenas with excited supporters at his campaign stops, and the perhaps overly confident Hillary Clinton struggles to maintain control of the polls, billionaires Haim Saban and George Soros are coming to Clinton’s rescue in a huge way."

Morally, ethically, intellectually - Bernie Sanders is a head above Hillary Clinton. George Soros is buying influence and Clinton is selling. It is the American way.

EU's Anti-Russian sanctions costly

Austrian Institute Clarifies True Costs of the EU's Anti-Russian Sanctions: 'The Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) published a monograph clarifying the projected short and long-term costs of anti-Russian sanctions to the EU 28 plus Switzerland. A summary of the report published Friday has confirmed that Europe as a whole expects €92.34 billion in long-term losses, along with over 2.2 million lost jobs."

China: It is our territory - we will build what we want.

China Nearly Finished With Runway on 'Wall of Sand' Island in S. China Sea: "According to new satellite photos, an airstrip being constructed by the Chinese government atop the Fiery Cross Reef could be completed even sooner than expected."

But "Washington has, however, stepped up patrols in the region, conducted large-scale military exercises with territorial claimants, and encouraged Pacific allies to counter what it fears to be a growing Chinese influence."

So what good is that approach. Neither the US nor their allies in the region are going to take on China. Of course there is a growing Chinese influence in the region, it is their region of interest - not the US.

They snubbed Russia now China - what is the message.

‘EU leaders may not attend China parade’: "The European Union (EU)’s ambassador to Beijing says it remains “unlikely” that prominent statesmen and politicians from the 28-member politico-economic bloc would attend a major military parade through the Chinese capital in September."

Yet there is this: Chinese Premier attends China-EU leaders' meeting, visits Belgium, France, OECD headquarters.

ISIL leader killed - just like reading the obits.

US strike kills ISIL leader: Pentagon: "The US military says it has taken out a senior ISIL leader, who has been in charge of moving militants and weapons from Libya to Syria." Propaganda designed to impress, yet in reality - no effect.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why now? US and Cuba to open embassies

US and Cuba to Announce Embassy Openings on Wednesday: "As the two countries work towards normalizing diplomatic relations, the United States and Cuba are set to announce on Wednesday the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana."

Obama could have done this nearly 8 years ago when took office. Why now?

Why now? US taking steps to rein in for profit colleges.

Popping the education bubble: White House cracks down on for-profit colleges: "Under a new rule that just came into effect, colleges will lose federal funding unless they can show their graduates can actually get jobs and repay student loans. The government estimates 99 percent of students at for-profit colleges will fail the test."

It has been this way certainly since the start of the Obama administration nearly 8 years ago. Why now?

US losing military edge in the world of chaos it created

US Losing Military Edge in a World of Growing Chaos: "Pentagon warns that civil wars, collapsed states and new wars have increased instability around the world while the US military advantage of other countries has declined."

Austria the latest in the EU exit craze

260,000 Austrians sign EU exit petition, forcing referendum debate in parliament: "Over 260,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for the EU exit for the country, and now the Austrian parliament must discuss a referendum on the issue."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What the hell happened to Britain?

​Austerity ‘condemns’ children to poverty – report to UN: "Young people in the UK risk falling deeper into poverty if the government continues to make cuts to welfare programs, Britain’s four children’s commissioners have said.

In a report for the United Nations, the commissioners say austerity policies have already pushed 2.3 million children into poverty with the figure set to hit 4.7 million by 2020.

Justice Breyer's dissent exposes what is wrong about the death penalty

What Justice Breyer's Glossip Dissent Exposes About the Death Penalty: “'Last year, in 2014, six death row inmates were exonerated based on actual innocence. All had been imprisoned for more than 30 years.' In Ford’s case, he said, citing a remarkable mea culpa published by the Shreveport Times, 'the prosecutor admitted that even ‘[a]t the time this case was tried there was evidence that would have cleared Glenn Ford.' This same prosecutor, Breyer noted, admitted that 'at the time of Ford’s conviction, he was ‘not as interested in justice as [he] was in winning.’”

Austerity is the tool of economic slavery in the guise of 'loans.'

Austerity not enough to save Greece - leaked IMF documents: "Even if Greece accepted all of the austerity measures demanded by its main creditors, the Troika, it still would not be able to make ends meet by 2030, according to IMF estimates revealed in a set of documents obtained by a German newspaper."

Cold War part II: Pentagon’s 2015 military strategy.

The Pentagon’s 2015 Military Strategy: Old Cold War Foes, New Hypocrisies: "The new US National Military Strategy was released on Wednesday, and highlights a strategic shift to the Pacific region. It also reinforces a number of antiquated ideas about an imaginary Russian “threat” to world peace, leaving out - of course - Washington’s own provocative saber-rattling."

GCHQ spied on Amnesty International - who don't they spy on. GCHQ and NSA two sides of the same coin.

GCHQ spied on Amnesty International - UK’s surveillance tribunal: "Britain’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, spied on Amnesty International, including activities such as intercepting, accessing and storing communications, UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) told the human rights organization in an email."

US boast of new airstrikes, yet 100 Egyptians killed in Sinai.

17 new airstrikes hit ISIS forces – US military: "The US and its allies conducted 17 airstrikes against ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq Tuesday, Reuters reported. There were five airstrikes using attack, bomber and fighter aircraft in northern Syria, near Hassakeh, Kobani and Tal Abyad, the joint task force said Wednesday. In Iraq, 12 airstrikes hit targets near Baghdadi, Al-Huwayjah, Al-Qaim, Habbaniyah, Kirkuk, Mosul, Rawah, Sinjar and Waleed." Meanwhile in Egypt:

An analysis of the Iran and P5+1 deal that delivers.

What it really takes for a US-Iran deal: "Forget the mad spinning. Here it is, in a nutshell, what it really takes for Iran and the P5 1 to clinch a game-changing nuclear deal before the new July 7 deadline." Read it. It is about objective as an analysis can be.

TPP is about big corporations dominating the world under guise of 'partnerships'

Leaked TPP document shows US favoring Big Pharma: "US negotiators in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks fought on behalf of big drug-making companies, championing intellectual property laws that would protect their profits from competition by generic medications, leaked documents have revealed."

A better question: Who in Germany didn't NSA spy on?

Merkel & Co: NSA also spied on top German ministers – Wikileaks: "Chancellor Angela Merkel was not the only NSA target in the German government, as WikiLeaks has released a new tranche of documents containing a list of the phone numbers of German ministers and officials whose privacy was breached by the US spy agency."

NASA shouldn't decide this - this is a global issue.

NASA Wants to Send Microbes to Mars Prep Red Planet for Human Habitation: "As NASA considers the possibility of a manned mission to Mars, it may first send another lifeform: microscopic bacteria which could biologically engineer the planet’s ecosystem, making it more habitable".

Cuba: Even under perpetual sanctions achieves more than the US in medical care

Cuba Becomes First Country to Eliminate Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission: "In what is being lauded as a major achievement in public health and an important step towards an AIDS-free world, Cuba has just become the first country to successfully stop the transmission of HIV and Syphilis from mother to child."

US Stasi never stops. The US so not exceptional.

WikiLeaks: NSA Spied on Ally Germany Amid EU-Greece Crisis: "Only days after it was revealed that the NSA conducted massive economic espionage against France, new WikiLeaks documents reveal that the US and British governments bugged German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other officials during discussions of the Greek financial crisis."

Nothing like a little drink to bring out the truth in Japan's PM Abe.

FM asks Japan to explain Abe statement - Global Times: "China on Monday urged Japan to explain a recent statement in Japanese media quoting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as allegedly saying Japan's security bill would target China. Hua Chunying, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Chinese government is aware of the media reports of Abe's alleged statement and if the reports are accurate, Japan should clarify and explain the matter."

What is going on in Australian immigration centers? Must be really terrible.

‘Not ethically justifiable’: Australian PM challenged over law gagging immigration center workers: "Australian health workers have spoken out against a law that makes it illegal for employees to disclose information about immigration detention centers. The group challenged the government to prosecute them for speaking out, citing human rights issues."

The world has gone so quickly from unipolar to multipolar in a seemingly short time.

It seemed to get started around the time of sanctions on Russia. I am sure that is a coincidence because much of what has transpired had to have been in planning for some time. Yet the US seems taken aback. The number of announcements of military and economic progress in Russia, China and to some extent India has been steadily increasing almost exponentially.

Mistral - Russian replacement bigger and better. Thanks France.

Russia to Show Off Design of Mistral Replacement at Maritime Defense Show: "Russia's Krylov State Research Center has decided to use the opportunity of the Seventh International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg to show off its new prospective designs, including the brand-new amphibious assault ship design meant to replace the Mistral."

It is summer in Ukraine - gas isn't needed as much

​Gazprom halts gas deliveries to Kiev – CEO Miller: "Gazprom has confirmed the suspension of gas supplies to Ukraine from 10:00am MSK on July 1. Russia’s gas monopoly will not supply gas to Kiev without prepayment, no matter what price, said company CEO Aleksey Miller on Wednesday."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

F-35 stealth jet biggest accomplishment - it flies.

Pentagon’s F-35 stealth jet can’t win dogfight – report: "A mock air battle between an F-16 jet and the military’s new and oft-troubled F-35 stealth jet showed that the F-35 is too sluggish to hit an enemy plane or dodge gunfire, according to a report."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Anybody know of any moderate Syrian rebels? US is still looking.

US Training for 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Fails, CIA Can't Find 'Moderates': "A crucial part of the United States’ plan to train moderate Syrian rebels to combat the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group is locating those so-called 'moderates.'" 
"But, one year later, no one has completed the training program, and fewer than 100 are currently enrolled."

Greek democracy vs. EU Troika, Aka neoliberal gods

Athenian Democracy vs. Neoliberal Gods: "Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras allows the Greek people to decide their own fate via a democratic referendum. That’s enough to send the troika – the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission (EC), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - into a paroxysm of rage. Here, in a nutshell, is everything one needs to know about the EU 'dream'”.

It is a good read.

Getting the ball rolling: Iran, 49 states signup for AIIB

Iran, 49 states sign Asia bank charter: "Iran on Monday joined 49 countries in signing up to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), bringing Asia’s largest financial lender a step closer to existence."

An executive order to reduce "dark money?"

Obama Executive Order Could Reduce "Dark Money": "If he actually wanted to do something about it, he could — without any involvement by Congress. He could issue an executive order requiring corporations that do business with the federal government to disclose their dark money contributions and those by their top executives."

US raids local residents in Afghanistan while ISIL captures land.

Angry Afghans Rally in Protest Against Continuing US Military Raids: "A raid conducted early Monday morning by US forces to destroy a cache of weapons incited local Afghan residents to take to the streets in protest, demonstrating the bitter tension caused by the controversial operations."
"Afghans consider any intrusion into private homes to be offensive."
And yet, while the US is raiding homes, the ISIL Kicks Out Taliban, Captures Vast Territory in Afghanistan: "As part of its rapid land grab, the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group has, for the first time, made significant inroads into Afghanistan, wresting control of a sizeable chunk of Nangarhar province away from the Taliban."

It is all part of the US plan.

Djiboutian Army has a new Chinese tank destroyer - Hmmm.

Djiboutian Army Displays New Chinese Tank Destroyer: "Amid rumors of the installment of a Chinese military base in the Horn of Africa country, the Djiboutian Armed Forces (FAD) unveiled a new Chinese tank destroyer during its Independence Day parade on June 27." But get this:

Guess how Tsipras will vote in referendum.

Tsipras Pledges to Resign if Greeks Accept Ultimatum in Referendum: "Greek government is ready to resign if the country's population supports the creditor’s ultimatum demanding to continue the austerity policy in the country in the upcoming referendum, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said."
"If the nation wants poverty, which will not allow us to raise the head, we will respect the choice, but will not execute it."
 "[I]f Greek people want "insulted and humiliated" prime minister, they will have to elect someone else."

Gay marriage ruling - cautious view from China

Gay marriage ruling will leave deep legacy - Global Times: "The right of homosexuals to have relationships deserves to be respected, which has already been widely bolstered. But it will touch upon many people's understanding of a normal marriage if marriages between homosexuals are legally equal to those of opposite sexes. This conservatism is also justified."

But there is this: "Undoubtedly, heterosexual marriage conforms more to the laws of nature and the purpose of marriage, and has contributed immensely to civilizations. It may prove to be an insightful choice to protect the role of heterosexual marriage in the basic unit of humanity."

Greece's new independence day - July 5th

Demonstrations Over Greece’s Financial Woes Draw Thousands to Parliament: "Thousand of demonstrators gathered outside Greece's parliament on Monday to express their support for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' anti-austerity stance in recent negotiations over the country's debt."

US competes globally with economic espionage

Revealed: NSA Conducted Massive Economic Espionage Against France: "New documents released by WikiLeaks reveal that the NSA's spying program delved even deeper into the French economy and politics, eavesdropping on government ministers. The news comes only days after it was revealed that the US spied on three French presidential administrations."
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: "The United States has been conducting economic espionage against France for more than a decade. Not only has it spied on the French Finance Minister, it has ordered the interception of every French company contract or negotiation valued at more than $200 million."

Merkel not receiving much love from Der Spiegel

Merkel's European Strategy Didn't Just Fail, It Failed Spectacularly: "The protracted economic crisis in the EU has acquired a political dimension, threatening to destroy the union, Henrik Müller wrote in Der Spiegel, placing the blame for the sorry state of European affairs on the German government and Angela Merkel in particular."

WTF: ISIS seeming running amuck, NATO attempting to "contain Russia"

ISIS barbarians at the gates, while NATO busy hyping ‘Russia threat’: "As ISIS and ISIS-style terror erupts across the globe, Western governments are busy making plans to establish a rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe to ‘contain Russia’, thus qualifying them for an annual ‘you couldn’t make it up’ award."

The Western countries disregarding the ISIL while focusing on a non-existent Russian threat gives credence to those that state the ISIL is a military arm of the West with the sole purpose of creating instability in the East.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do you think that Jacob Lew gives a rat's ass about Greece?

US Treasury Urges Greek PM to Support Financial Stability Before Referendum: "US Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew has held a phone conversation with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urging Athens to reach an agreement with its lenders as soon as possible in order to enter a path of recovery within the Eurozone."

Like the Greek PM needs another phone call. Now the fear is starting to strike deep into the capitalist's heart - that lump of coal.

Western politicians naive or purposeful?

Western Politicians' Naivety is Met With Russian Prudence – Czech Analyst: "In an interview for Czech political newspaper Parlamentni Listy, veteran Czech politician and analyst Jiri Vyvadil commented on the phenomenon in contemporary global affairs where on one side there are the endlessly naïve positions and policies of many Western politicians, and on the other the reasonable and consistent position of Russia."

This article contains a great analysis of Western policies, but I think that too many assume that Western politicians are just naive when in fact they are deliberate in their irrational quest to subjugate the Russian government and Russian assets.

Satellite photo of Chinese sub - but none of MH17. Hmmm.

China Builds Top Secret Midget Submarine: "The space snapshots captured by DigitalGlobe show the vessel berthed at the shipyard pier used for fitting out submarines. The midget submarine had left the pontoon by late November and by mid-January 2015, another submarine, probably a Type 041 Yuan-class boat, occupied the pier."

Before we condemn Turkey - consider Birmingham and others

Police fire water cannon & rubber bullets at gay pride Istanbul parade (PHOTOS, VIDEOS): "Turkish police fired water cannon and rubber bullets at people gathered for the annual gay pride parade in central Istanbul, Reuters reported, citing its journalists there. Images of the dispersed LGBT crowd also emerged on social media."

Misdirection: Charleston is not about gun violence - it's racism.

It is the political narrative that matters - not reality. It is odd too that a black president ignores the racism at the heart of incidents like Charleston. He chooses instead to talk about gun control. In Charleston the gun was an expression of racism. No amount of gun control would have made any difference.

One might remember Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. The assassin Dan White had been a San Francisco police officer, a fireman and was on the SF Board of Supervisors. The gun he used came from when he was a police officer. He was able to avoid the metal detectors and carry out the assassinations of Harvey Milk, a gay supervisor, and Mayor Moscone. No one would have thought.

Talking about gun control in these incidents is guaranteed not to have gun control. I believe most people don't see the cause and effect. What legislation could be written that could have stopped the shooting? Even a licensing with testing and evaluation would not have prevented it.

Any kind of prohibition has to be discussed and effected outside the heat of the moment. But rationality has to accept that guns are here to stay. I doubt that even a total suppression of gun manufacturing in the US would stop the use of guns. There are too many guns readily available in the US.
How Many Guns Are in the United States? - Number – "By … 2009, the estimated total number of firearms available to civilians in the United States had increased to approximately 310 million: 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns(36). Per capita, the civilian gun stock has roughly doubled since 1968, from one gun per every two persons to one gun per person…"
That doesn't mean that there cannot be rational gun control that might keep some guns from those that use them for malevolent purposes. But, it requires the recognition that there are those who like to shoot guns, like to hunt, like to collect, etc.

There is no need to argue constitutionality. Guns are property and as long as guns are sold the purchase and use of that property might be restricted in some manner, but not prohibited outright.

Look the Charleston shooting was a racist event. Just what laws could be written to prevent anything like that in the future? Don't sell guns to racist?

And when considering gun violence and racism - don't forget the police.

WTF: 'Pastor Protection Act:' political symbolism

Tennessee drafting 'Pastor Protection Act' after Supreme Court ruling: "Tennessee's 'Pastor Protection Act' would protect religious leaders who refuse to perform a same-sex marriage, though their rights are already protected under the First Amendment."

Japan PM displays arrogance only ignorance or stupidity can cause.

Japan Considers Relations With Russia 'Imperative' – Prime Minister Abe: "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to continue holding dialogue with Russia as the relations with Moscow are imperative to Tokyo's economy."

Yet, and yet Japan has imposed sanctions on Russia: Japan Widens Russia Sanctions List Ahead of Putin Visit . Japan needs the trade with Russia rather than vice versa. E.g., if Putin sign legislation that bans Japanese fishing boats from Russian economic zone, "the economic impact on industries in eastern Hokkaido could reach up to ¥25 billion annually."

EU: an anti-democratic institution, a bureaucracy

EU’s Stubbornness, Inflexibility to Kill Democracy - Portuguese Newspaper: "According to the newspaper [Expresso], Europe is currently witnessing the process of ideological and political standardization, when bold, reformist ideas are labeled as radical and put aside. This way, the EU is reaching a dead-end, when the diversity of economies and democracy itself is on the verge of extinction."

Russian engines required for US ‘assured access to space’

Russian rocket engines key to US ‘assured access to space’ - space command chief : “'As senior Russian leaders have noted numerous times, they can cut off the supply of the RD-180 engine [to] the United States at will,' he told National Defense Magazine."

If the roles were reversed, that is, if Russia needed US rocket engines - one can be assured the US would cut them off.

Russia part of the solution (not cause) to Middle East problems

Russia Plays Major Role in Solving Middle East Problems - Arab League Chief : “I think that Russia conducts a clever policy in what concerns the Middle East problems. The Russian government has good relations with the countries in the region, as well as good understanding of the problems. Russia has an important role, which it would possibly take in the future.”

A good question: "Do we need such a Europe?"

Varoufakis: If Europe Wants to Humiliate Greece, Do We Need Such Europe?: "'If Europe allows this terrible turn of events, just to humiliate our government, Europeans will have to ask themselves […]: Do we need such a Europe?' the Greek finance minister said."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Confederate flag = Slavery and black people as property.

Confederate flag looms over the South in state flags - The article provides a brief view of the states that have the Confederate flag flying from their mast. The confederacy was about maintaining slavery of black people. Thus, it should come as a surprise to anyone that black people resent the flag and feel that today such a flag is racist.

No right thinking person should attempt to provide excuses to maintain it. But, the South, for the most part, is the Ukraine of the US.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Despite the fight against same-sex marriage - will the US try to obtrude it on others?

Russia - US should not impose legalization of same-sex marriages on others — lawmaker: "Legalization of same-sex marriages in the US is an internal affair of that country but it should not be obtruded on other countries, Yelena Mizulina, the chairperson of the State Duma Committee for Family, Women and Children said on Friday."

Same sex marriage legal in US.

US House Speaker ‘Disappointed’ by Supreme Court’s Ruling on Gay Marriage: "The US Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage is disappointing because it forces states to redefine the institution of family, US House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement on Friday."

Odd that the Speaker didn't seem to grasp the meaning of his words of disappointment.

Human rights. Who does the US think it is kidding?

China Voice: Judging others won't save Uncle Sam's shattered human rights record: "At the report's release, Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States cares "because respect for human rights provides the truest mirror that we have of ourselves." What?

Conscription - a remedy for US ills?

Are the American Youth Ready for Conscription?: "The shining future that America once had is all but a page note in the history books now. Record unemployment, failed foreign policies and domestic strife is the new normal. And how is the brain trust in DC going to solve these problems? National service for all 18 - to 28-year-olds!"

Preposterous statement by US on recent multiple terrorist attacks.

US Sees No Coordination Between France, Tunisia, Kuwait Attacks: "Washington noticed no specific coordination between the terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait carried out earlier on Friday, US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said at a press briefing."

Thursday, June 25, 2015

China responds to US report on human rights practices. The US do we say not as we do.

China issues report on US human rights- "The report, titled "The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014," was released by the Information Office of the State Council, China's cabinet, in response to "the 2014 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" issued by the U.S. State Department on June 25 local time."
"China's report states that the U.S. made comments on the human rights situations in many countries while showing not a bit of regret for or intention to improve its own terrible human rights record."

Palestinians war crimes evidence against Israel submitted to ICC. Watch for US interference.

‘ICC credibility test’: Palestinians submit first war crimes evidence against Israel: "The Palestinian Authority has submitted the first evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes committed during the Gaza conflict in 2014 to the International Criminal Court, seeking to accelerate the investigation of these abuses." For example:

Welfare cuts in Britain - push disadvantaged deeper into poverty.

‘Further welfare cuts will plunge disadvantaged children deeper into poverty,’ say experts: "The number of youngsters living in relative poverty in Britain has fallen to its lowest level since the 1980s, new government figures claim. However, critics say these figures are cherry picked and obscure the true face of child poverty."

British government rather than deal with the poverty issue lies about the statistics. "Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) suggest the number of youngsters living in relative poverty in Britain has fallen to 2.3 million. Observers say this drop is so small (100,000), it’s statistically insignificant." 1/23 of a 'drop.'

US in the position to assess human rights? Really?

US Assessment of Human Rights in Russia Distorts Reality - Ombudsman: "On Thursday, the US State Department released an annual human rights report, in which Russia was listed among the countries violating civil rights, including through the imprisonment of journalists and political activists who are critical of the government."

Sounds more like the US than Russia. The US still making this shit up.

Putin and Obama talk - hopefully Putin realizes that Obama is not to be trusted

Touching Base: Putin and Obama Talk Ukraine, Iran Nuke Deal, Syrian Crisis: "Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Barack Obama held a telephone conversation Thursday evening discussing the implementation of the Minsk peace agreements on Ukraine, countering the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group, the current situation in Syria and the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations."

Obama is at best a very dishonest snake oil salesman.

China's possible (more likely than not) building a base in Djibouti? One more threat to US hegemony.

Is China Building a Military Base in Djibouti?: "As a fairly stable country positioned between Yemen and Somalia, Djibouti plays an important strategic role for the US. The country additionally overlooks the Bab al-Mandeb straits, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world."

Use Google to get a better view of the area. See too an earlier post: Yemen crisis could pave the way for ISIL through Somalia.

Sec Def Carter - does he really believe what he says?

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Sec Def Carter to Russia: 'Don't Drag Us Back to the Past': "But Carter's Pentagon also sent a troubling message to Germany that one hopes stems from a confused understanding of 20th century history."

US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya - weapons warehouse for terrorists?

JThe Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: Judge Napolitano: What if the US Consulate in Benghazi was a Terrorist Weapons Warehouse?: "Judge Andrew Napolitano, in a new riveting two-minute video monologue, [embedded in the article] is asking important questions regarding the killings of the US ambassador to Libya, another diplomat, and CIA contractors in Benghazi, Libya in 2012."  The questions:

Vietnam - the lesson not learned

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Echoes of Vietnam, or Between Iraq and a Hard Place: "Words seem to mean different things in the Middle East. “Training” is a new term for escalation, and “Iraq” seems more and more like the Arabic word for Vietnam."

US needs to recognize that it is a multipolar world

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Will Seizure of Russian Assets Hasten Dollar Decline?: "The US government knows that Russia will not blithely accept Washington's dictates, yet it still reacts like a petulant child flying into a tantrum whenever Russia dares to exert its sovereignty. The existence of a country that won't kowtow to Washington's demands is an unforgivable sin, to be punished with economic sanctions, attempting to freeze Russia out of world financial markets; veiled threats to strip Russia's hosting of the 2018 World Cup; and now the seizure of Russian state assets."

Christie's Conspiracy: Another dubious FBI "terror plot."

Christie's Conspiracy: Terror Plot of the Fort Dix Five: "Beyond the sensational headlines is the story of paid FBI informants with long criminal histories who spent a year working to befriend the brothers and enlist them as terrorists. This effort, both expensive and time-consuming, nevertheless failed to convince the Duka brothers to take part in a violent attack. Indeed, over the course of hundreds of hours of surveillance, the plot against Fort Dix was never even raised with them."

Only politics matter. Terror is the control weapon. Keep them scared.

Armenia's maidan?

5 Things You Need to Know About Armenia's 'Electricity' Protests: "Armenia's electricity protests have been alleged to be a coup attempt, something that both police and protesters have denied. We look at five notable trends behind the protests."

Spanish think tank - are they really that ignorant?

EU Must Separate Crimea Issue From Ukraine Conflict – Spanish Think Tank: "'EU should separate Crimea’s reunification with Russia from civil war in Eastern Ukraine, where "an agreement is still possible', head of the think tank’s foreign policy department OPEX, Nicolas Sartorius, told Sputnik on Thursday."

Does anyone really think that Crimea is anything but an excuse? Any rational person with a smidgen of the facts realizes that Crimea reunification is and was legal. But it provided that final excuse to move NATO to Russian borders. When has the US ever been concerned with international law?