Friday, January 30, 2015

The UK doesn't realize that they are a podunk in the world community

UK fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers: "Two Russian Bear long-range bombers flying close to UK airspace were intercepted by RAF Typhoon fighter jets, according to Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD)." But . . .

​Russian Ambassador to UK: 'Russia military flights: facts and myths'

​Russia military flights: facts and myths: Dr Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: January 30, 2014 "FCO Permanent Under-Secretary Simon Fraser and I discussed Russian aircraft flights in the international airspace on 28 January."

The background:

Ukraine's military manpower void

For those that might think that Ukraine has an army or at least a professional one - think again. A country with a trained professional army doesn't have to take the steps the Ukrainian government has been forced to take. For example:

US hasn't initiated a new cold war? Of course, it has.

Gorbachev: US dragging Russia into new Cold War, which might grow into armed conflict: "Mikhail Gorbachev has accused the US of dragging Russia into a new Cold War. The former Soviet president fears the chill in relations could eventually spur an armed conflict." But it is no surprise -

Confirmation: Rendition of Libyan opposition leaders bolstered Al-Qaeda

British secret service admits rendition of Libyan opposition leaders bolstered Al-Qaeda – report: "The abduction of two key leaders of a Libyan opposition group with the assistance of MI6 a decade ago left the group in disarray and led to outside influences pushing it towards an Al-Qaeda-inspired agenda, an intelligence assessment concludes." Duh!

Confirmation of what everybody knew: UK territory was used for CIA interrogation, torture

UK territory was used for CIA interrogation, torture – Bush-era whistleblower: "The CIA carried out interrogations on British territory, according to a senior Bush administration official. The claims, if true, contradict the official line of the British government that it was not complicit in torture in the years after 9/11."
"Speaking to Vice News, Lawrence Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, said the British territory of Diego Garcia was used as a “transit location” for the CIA to carry out interrogations and other “nefarious activities” when other bases were unavailable."

Yemen - the good news

US lacks intelligence to continue waging indiscriminate drone warfare in Yemen: "Houthi rebels have blinded the US drone program targeting Al-Qaeda in Yemen, having seized vital installations on the ground previously providing intelligence data. The scuffle in Saudi Arabia’s underbelly threatens the key US ally in the region."

Business as usual: Poland ready to sell weapons to Ukraine

'It’s business': Poland ready to sell weapons to Ukraine if Kiev has money: "The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs has told local media that Warsaw was “open” to sell weapons to Ukraine, regarding it as sheer “business.” It comes as the situation in the east of Ukraine has significantly deteriorated in recent weeks."

Greece has thrown down the gauntlet

​Greece won’t cooperate with ‘troika,’ rejects aid extension: "The new left-wing Greek government has said that it will not cooperate with the ‘troika’ of international lenders, and does not plan to seek an extension for its aid package which is set to expire at the end of February."

But consider that in juxtaposition to this from the EU that is apparently trying the hard line with Greece:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

US losing high-tech military superiority to China, Russia? Oh yes.

Pentagon: US may lose high-tech military superiority to China, Russia: "The Pentagon has expressed deep concern about the US eventually losing its military technological superiority over rivals such as China and Russia, and is urging NATO states to develop innovative weapons in close cooperation to optimize military spending."

The US and NATO are in no position to battle a real adversary - you know one that might actually be able to fight back. Frankly, it never will be.

Videos - testaments to racial profiling in US.

New video shows white Seattle cop arresting 70yo black veteran for carrying golf club: “I know one thing,” he said. “I’m a black man walking down the street doing nothing and I got stopped and went to jail by a white police officer.Video below -

The big spin - a matter of convenience: Taliban is not a terrorist group

Taliban not a terrorist group? White House official says it’s ‘armed insurgency’: "A White House spokesperson preferred to talk of the Taliban as 'an armed insurgency' rather than a terrorist organization during a press briefing, when a reporter pressed him about Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release."

Russian banned from SWIFT payment system? Not likely.

Russian PM vows ‘unrestricted’ response if banned from SWIFT payment system: "Russia’s response to a possible cut-off from the SWIFT international banking payment system will be “unrestricted,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev vowed. The West is pushing for hitting Moscow with more sanctions as the Ukraine crisis deteriorates."

You might read ‘SWIFT is archaic, doesn’t stand up to modern digital age’ and SWIFT - SWIFT and international payment systems.

Maybe a month ago the West might have had some chance at cutting Russia off, but not after the Greek elections. The new Greek government is anti-capitalist, anti-EU banking, anti-EU, etc. So what you might say? "To be imposed, the new sanctions must be approved by all 28 EU countries."

It ain't going to happen.

How the Western media finally changed (a little) its tune on Sochi

One year on: How the Western media finally changed its tune on Sochi: "The Sochi reality and the myopic version of it presented by Russia-baiting sections of the Western press are two very different things. When faced with articles complaining of empty beaches in winter and deserted ski slopes in summer, it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry. The reality is that the mountain cluster is full to capacity this winter and all signs are that its sea equivalent will experience the same effect later this year." Remember in reading the article, degrees are in celsius not western fahrenheit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nuland terrified of truth found in 'Russia Today,' belittling it is to no avail

Nuland downplays RT’s threat to ‘truthful’ US media space: "Due to its “tiny audience,” RT poses no threat and should be allowed to stay within US media space, which is “full of dynamic truthful opinion,” the State Department's Victoria Nuland said. But other US officials view RT as a “challenge” in the media war."

So if RT had a not so "tiny audience," they should be excluded from the US media space.  Expression of the US "free speech" doctrine from the Obama administration. Nuland - spiteful neo-con terrified of the truth embedded in the Russia Today perspective.

With Obama on his last legs - expect more 'disclosures' like this from retired army general

Retired Army General says Obama let Al-Qaeda grow ‘fourfold in last 5 years’: "Retired military personnel told senators that the lack of White House strategy makes US combat efforts in the Middle East unwinnable. One general added that “failed” policy has allowed Al-Qaeda to grow “fourfold” since President Barack Obama’s election."

I believe it to be factual, but not for the reasons the army general stated. What will be played out now is the shifting of blame from the military to the policy makers, in this case Obama. Essentially political grandstanding is the game until the forthcoming national elections.

Barrier squads used to prevent Ukrainian troops from retreating

Kiev used barrier squads to prevent troops from retreating – E. Ukraine militia: "The Ukrainian military employed barrier troops who fired at their fellow servicemen in order to prevent their retreat during a night battle in the country's southeast, the Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said." And . . .

Greek govt furious over EU 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement

New Greek govt furious over EU 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement: "The new Greek government has spoken out against the EU partners over the statement that lays the blame for Saturday’s fatal attack on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Russia. Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria voiced similar objections earlier."

Cyprus Says EC Gives Little Time for Feedback on Anti-Russia Sanctions: "The Cyprus government is concerned over the fact that the European Council (EC) did not provide several countries with enough time to give their feedback regarding the new statement on anti-Russian sanctions, and issued it without some EU members’ consent, Cyprus government spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said Wednesday."

Foreign affairs analyst Serja Trifkovic:
“It’s very difficult in the EU to break the ranks. Now that Greece has made a move, I confidently expect that the Hungarians in particular, but perhaps also Slovakia and Cyprus, will [find] the courage to say no to the dictate from Brussels.”
The Greeks are reviving democracy. Now where was the origins of democracy?

Latvia - the vanishing country

Latvia Plunges Into Demographic Crisis as Population Hits New Low: "In all, the population of Latvia dropped by 25 percent between 1990 and 2014. Between 2000 and 2014 the country lost 380,000 people (16 percent of the population), according to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of regional development." Forecast and map below.

Joel Grey says he's gay - not a surprise - but so what.

Stage and screen star Joel Grey says he's gay: "Joel Grey, the 82-year-old star who once strutted the Broadway stage as a show-stopping Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret, announced he's gay in People magazine Wednesday."

Cuba: arms folded across the chest - not outstretched

Cuba urges US to end economic blockade, return Guantanamo: "Cuban leader Raul Castro has called on the US to end the economic embargo against the country and demanded that Guantanamo Bay be returned to Cuba as relations between the two nations undergo a historic thaw."

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gee Fidel - why don't you trust the US reconciliation?

‘I don’t trust US’: Fidel Castro breaks silence on Cuba-America reconciliation: "I don't trust the policy of the United States… but this does not mean I reject a pacific solution to the conflicts,” iconic former Cuban leader Fidel Castro commented on the push for a restoration of Cuban-American ties." 

Take a read of  Fulgencio Batista and Adios Cuba!

​Russia and Turkey agree on new gas route — RT Business

​Russia and Turkey agree on new gas route: "Russia and Turkey have agreed on the route of the ‘Turkish Stream’ pipeline under the Black Sea. The first gas pipe with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters will be operational by December 2016." What is interesting . . .

Syriza Victory in Greece - stoked by fears of Germany

Syriza Victory in Greece Signals of European Union Decline: "The landslide victory of the radical left party Syriza in Greek parliamentary elections is a sign of the European Union demise, Scientific Advisor to the Secretariat General of Mass Media of the Hellenic Republic Kyriakos Kouveliotis told Sputnik News on Monday." But, there is a renewed fear of the rise of German economic domination.
It is a common belief among the Greek people today that Germany has found a new way to occupy the country again via the strict austerity measures."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Are the Paris attackers 'terrorists’?

BBC Arabic boss says Paris attackers should not be labeled ‘terrorists’: "The chief of BBC’s Arabic department has come under heavy criticism for saying the perpetrators of this month’s attacks in Paris should not be labeled 'terrorists.'"  What should they be called?

Oh my! "Outdoing Dr. Goebbels"

Outdoing Dr. Goebbels: The propaganda war against RT:  "It would be easy to say that Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda would be proud of Lack’s comments. But in fact the propaganda war against RT – of which Lack’s comments are only the latest example, actually – ‘out-Goebbels’ Dr Goebbels’."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

FDR: "Only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

Bomb squads sweep Atlanta airport, fighter jets scrambled after threats on Twitter: "NORAD fighter jets have escorted two flights to Atlanta airport after authorities received bomb threats via Twitter they deemed “credible”. Bomb squads swept the planes, which landed safely, and passengers were evacuated and questioned."

Twitter as a credible source? Really? Keeping fear alive.

Berlin strays from US ideological line - stops arms sales to Saudi Arabia

‘Berlin stops arms sales to Riyadh’: "Germany has decided to halt weapons exports to Saudi Arabia amid the growing Takfiri-fueled militancy in the Middle East region, a report says."
Based on the decision, Riyadh’s arms orders have either been “rejected, pure and simple,” or put back for further consideration, German daily Bild reported on Sunday.

3mn + German workers live below poverty line

Over 3mn German workers live below poverty line – report: "Being employed in Germany is no longer enough to make ends meet, as around 3.1 million workers receive salaries below the country’s poverty threshold. People have been forced to cut back on food and heating in order to survive, German media reported." Take a peek at 2013.

German Economists:Create Free Trade Zone with Eurasian Economic Union

German Economists Reportedly Call for Free Trade Zone With Russia: "Economists in Germany suggest that a free trade zone between the European Union and Russia could be beneficial, especially in view of the Ukrainian crisis, German media report."

The free trade zone is with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) not Russia. Russia is the dominant member in the EEU, it was constructed and structured to be an assembly of nations with equal status. It is an economic trading block - not political.
"Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan and lead negotiator, said, 'We are not creating a political organisation; we are forming a purely economic union." He further stated 'it is a pragmatic means to get benefits. We don't meddle into what Russia is doing politically, and they cannot tell us what foreign policy to pursue.'"  [Eurasian Economic Union].
It is interesting that the Russia, China and many countries in Europe attempt to use capitalism as intended, i.e., an economic system based on economic theories not political. In the US, capitalism is the basis for political activity. Rather than government being a buffer, a regulating influence, government is the political arm of the capitalist.

It is the capitalist and their lobbyists that write the legislation, and it is they that ensure that their profit taking is not hampered by the government. And it is happening on a global scale - consider this article: What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you.

Helpless: Japan PM 'strongly condems' IS beheading of Japanese hostage

Abe Strongly Condemns IS Purported Beaheading of Japanese Hostage: “Such an act of terrorism is outrageous and impermissible. I feel strong indignation. I resolutely condemn this,” Abe was quoted as saying by The Japan Times." In a way that is a weak response to the IS beheading.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Obama visit to India greeted by demonstrations.

Indian demonstrators protest Obama visit: "On Saturday, Indian protesters took to the street in the capital, New Delhi, to express their outrage at Obama’s three-day visit to India to hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi."
"The demonstrators chanted anti-US slogans, and burned the effigy of the most high-ranking US official, while shouting, 'Barack Obama, Hands off India.'"

Kiev & eastern Ukrainian militias - where are the professionals?

Kiev & eastern Ukrainian militias carry out ‘all for all’ POW exchange: "The largest prisoner exchange since the start of the Ukraine conflict has been carried out in the Donbass region. It was agreed by Kiev and eastern Ukrainian militias during a Minsk meeting on Wednesday."

At Donetsk: 597 Ukrainian troops killed, 49 tanks, 47 military vehicles destroyed

597 Ukrainian troops killed in clashes at Donetsk airport — DPR defense ministry: "As many as 597 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in clashes with Donetsk militias at the Donetsk airport, Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Thursday." And, "[m]ore than 1,500 Ukrainian troops were wounded and taken to field hospitals."

Friday, January 23, 2015

Saudi Arabia's king a tyrant not a man of peace

Saudi Arabia's Tyrant King Misremembered as Man of Peace - The Intercept: "It’s not often that the unelected leader of a country which publicly flogs dissidents and beheads people for sorcery wins such glowing praise from American officials. Even more perplexing, perhaps, have been the fawning obituaries in the mainstream press which have faithfully echoed this characterization of Abdullah as a benign and well-intentioned man of peace." An excellent read.

Defense secretary Hagel warns military power has limits

As He Exits, Hagel Warns of Limits to Military Power | "As he prepares to hand over the reins of the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is warning that military power has its limits and Americans should avoid believing that force alone can transform conflict-riven societies in the Middle East and elsewhere."

Force is at the heart of American foreign policy. But, you would have thought that the Vietnam War (nearly 20 years) would have taught him and the US a worthwhile lesson. [See Hagel's Wikipedia entry.] Or maybe that is why resigned.

Polish Cultural Center apologizes to Russia

Polish reps apologize to Russia for incorrect interpretation of Auschwitz liberation: "Representatives of the Polish Cultural Center based in Russia's westernmost city Kaliningrad, have apologized to the Russian people for incorrect interpretation by the Polish foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna of Russia's role in the liberation of Auschwitz. The Polish foreign minister earlier said in a statement that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukrainian soldiers." See my post: Rewriting history? Poland, Ukraine, Latvia rekindling Nazism.

Poland - recognizing Auschwitz liberation but not the liberator.

European Partisan Group Frustrated Putin Not Invited to Auschwitz: "The International Federation of Resistance Fighters, an international collection of World War II partisan organizations, has asked the Polish ambassador in Berlin to clarify why the liberation of Auschwitz, which was carried out by the Red Army on January 27, 1945, will take place without its liberators. Dr. Ulrich Schneider, the organization's General Secretary, discussed the situation with Sputnik.nik."
Dr. Ulrich Schneider: "we found it a complete surprise that the German president would be a guest at the event. To invite the president of the country which committed the crimes, but not to invite the president of the country whose people served as the liberators –this is something we cannot reconcile with."
Poland - American great ally in torture. Poland - revisionist history teller.

Egypt Interested in Eurasian Economic Union Freed Trade Zone

Egypt Interested in Free Trade Zone With Eurasian Economic Union: "Egypt is interested creating a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), the country's Ambassador to Russia Mohammed Badri said Friday." Hmmm!

See my post on the Eurasian Economic Union for more information. See too Wikipedia entry.

Head of US propaganda agency lumps "Russia Today" with extreme terrorist organizations

Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram: “We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency [BBG] has a role to play in facing those challenges.” And what is this agency?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

East moving forward: Moscow to Beijing in 2 days

Moscow to Beijing in 2 days: China to build $242bn high-speed railway: "China is going to build a $242 billion (1.5 trillion yuan) high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line will cut the journey time from five to 'two days', say Chinese authorities."

And where is America's high speed rail?

Corruption in New York politics? Is the pope a catholic?

Powerful New York Assembly speaker accused of soliciting millions in bribes, kickbacks USA: "Sheldon Silver, longtime Speaker of the New York State Assembly, has been arrested on federal corruption charges, accused of soliciting millions of dollars through bribes and favors, court documents indicated."

Throughout my adult life (50 years plus) there has been corruption in NY politics. Despite crackdowns over the years, it hasn't gotten better, only harder to prove.

NJ cops shoots black passenger 9 times, he had both hands out the window - no racial issues in the US.

NJ cops shoot 9 times, kill black man who had his hands up: "Police in New Jersey have released a video showing two police officers shooting a black man dead after he tried to get out of his car with his hands up. The incident happened on December 30, but the recording has only just been made available."

US obstructionist role in Ukraine civil war

Putin pursues Ukraine ‘occupation plan’: "The United States has accused Russia of pursuing what it calls an occupation plan against its neighboring country, Ukraine." Th US rather than promote resolution of the Ukrainian internal dispute with the pro-Russian militia, seeks only to disparage the Russian attempts to implement the Minsk accord.

Minsk Protocol
The Minsk agreement. signed September 5, 2014, calls for inter alia the immediate bilateral ceasefire. Easier said than done. September 19, 2014 a follow-up agreement was signed that also required the creation of a 19 mile buffer zone devoid of heavy equipment.

Putin's proposal is not contrary to the Minsk accord, it only adds definition:

“I suggest that both parties - the Ukrainian military and Donbass, DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, respectively) take urgent measures to stop shelling each other’s positions and pull out weapons of over 100 mm caliber.”

Yet, the US describes the Putin proposal, and therefore the Minsk agreement, as an occupation plan by Russia. "'The plan would seek to legitimize territorial gains made by separatists in September as well as Russian personnel and equipment on the territory of Ukraine,' US Ambassador Samantha Power told the UN Security Council."

And, it should not be lost on you that the US is not a party to the Minsk agreement; nor should the fact that the agreement came about under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The reality: The US does not want that conflict to end as the reasons for the sanctions disappear, at least they would for Europe.

Where are the US proposals? Is there anywhere in the world that the US has fostered peace?

Ukraine attacks in Donbass - a lure for Russia involvement

Poroshenko rejected Putin’s artillery withdrawal plan, began assault - Kremlin: "Kiev resumed its military assault in eastern Ukraine on Sunday despite receiving a proposal Thursday night from the Russian president that both sides of the conflict withdraw their heavy artillery."
“I suggest that both parties - the Ukrainian military and Donbass, DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, respectively) take urgent measures to stop shelling each other’s positions and pull out weapons of over 100 mm caliber.” [Putin calls on Ukrainian military, Donbass militias to take measures to stop shelling].
As I indicated, Ukraine is using the bus incident (they claim the pro-Russian militia was responsible) in a similar manner that the US did in their Gulf of Tonkin incident. See Poroshenko vows to revive Donbass. At a march a la Charlie Hebo march in Paris, "Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Sunday vowed to revive Donbass [held by pro-Russian Ukrainians]. “We will cede not a single piece of the Ukrainian land, we will revive Donbass and demonstrate that our strength is in unity,”

The march was ostensively in the memory of the Volnovakha bus attack that the Ukrainian government has made every effort to characterize. The 'terrorist' tag is the propaganda technique to erase the truth about the conflict. These are people - not military - that live along the border with Russia that did not support the coup that brought the present government to power.

But more doubt has arisen about the perpetrators of the bus attack near Volnovakha.

OSCE identifies direction of deadly Donbass bus rocket: "The OSCE mission in Ukraine has found that the deadly shelling blamed for the killing of 12 bus passengers in Donbass came from a different direction than initially thought. Both Kiev forces and militia control territories in the northeastern direction."

Leaked Kiev Security Service Docs Show False Flag in Volnovakha Bus Attack: "The group of hacktivists “CyberBerkut” group published letters and cryptograms of Ukraine’s SBU Anti-Terrorist Center, containing information about the involvement of Ukrainian security forces in the Volnovakha bus incident."

Minsk Protocol
The Minsk agreement. signed September 5, 2014, calls for inter alia the immediate bilateral ceasefire. Easier said than done. September 19, 2014 a follow-up agreement was signed that inter alia required the creation of a 19 mile buffer zone devoid of heavy equipment. But it appears that too was easier said than done.

Donetsk shelled as Kiev 'orders massive fire' on militia-held E. Ukraine: Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas Sunday [1-18-15] morning after an order from Kiev, a presidential aide said. The self-proclaimed Donetsk republic’s leader accused Kiev of trying to restart the war."

HRW [Humand Rights Watch] urges Kiev to acknowledge cluster bomb use, stop indiscriminate killings in E. Ukraine: "Kiev should stop the Indiscriminate warfare in southeast Ukraine, Human Rights Watch [link added] chief Kenneth Roth said, commenting on recent statements by the country’s PM, Arseny Yatsenyuk." [1-17-15].

The prime minister had rejected the allegation of the use of cluster bombs, saying that “there is no evidence to that. No evidence,” and suggested that more attention should be paid to the Republic of Crimea, which reunited with Russia in March 2014."

Falling on Ukrainian deaf ears. HRW chief: "'Rather than denying reports of abuses by its military, Kiev should recognize the obvious facts and stop conducting erratic combat operations' in south-eastern Ukraine." He "reminded the Ukrainian authorities that the ability to acknowledge one's own mistakes is first test proving the country’s readiness democratic reforms to undertake democratic reforms."

Ukrainian military conduct massive attacks on Donetsk airport — Donetsk republic spokesman: "The Ukrainian military are conducting massive attacks against the airport of Donetsk and shelling its territory with Grad and Uragan multiple rocket systems, the spokesman for the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, said." [Links added.]
“In the course of defensive operations the militias destroyed 27 tanks and 20 armoured vehicles. One tank was seized. Ukraine’s losses have exceeded 200 killed and about 300 injured. Our losses stand at 16 killed and 62 injured.” 
Despite Ukrainian military prowess, or its absence, the pro-Russian militia out numbered and out gunned, has been able to handily stop the Ukrainian forces. In every engagement thus far, the pro-Russian folks have had the decisive upper-hand. And that is the problem.

To continue to prop up the current Ukraine government and alter the conflict to the favor of the government, it is can be argued that NATO (that reads US) or US military troops will have to be introduced into the conflict.

It is the Ukrainian government's goal to achieve Russian intervention, and therefore US or NATO intervention. Ukraine has directed all of its efforts to create that environment. Otherwise, it seems unlikely that the US, that is influencing the conflict in Ukraine, will introduce troops or even permit NATO to do so.

But, the US has lost the battle over Crimea. Anyone that believes that Russia will give up Crimea is on shrooms. And the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine, as show by the map above, has pushed Crimea far out of the limelight. However, some 'win' is necessary for the US. It hasn't had one those for decades.

UK media regulator clears RT of bias re coverage of MH17 crash

RT [UK] cleared over coverage of MH17 crash reporting after complaints to Ofcom: "The UK’s media regulator has assessed whether RT’s coverage of the MH17 plane crash was biased following several viewer complaints, and hasn’t found any problems that merited investigation, nor any breach of standards." One might read this article to see the 'censorship' by the regulator.

Rewriting history? Poland, Ukraine, Latvia rekindling Nazism.

Rewriting history? Polish FM says Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz, Russia puzzled: "The Polish FM’s statement that it was the Ukrainians who liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp has puzzled Moscow. Russia’s UN envoy remarked that the Soviet Army, which liberated the camp, was actually multinational."

It is really difficult to imagine that a government official of the level as high as Schetyna’s could be so ignorant.” [Russian Foreign Ministry]. 

Russia fostering the introduction of N. Korea to global community

China Approves Kim Jong Un's Possible Visit to Moscow for Victory Day: "The Chinese Foreign Ministry has voiced its approval for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's possible upcoming visit to Moscow for the Victory Day celebrations on May 9, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reports." What will S. Korea do? 

NATO - just pick up the phone, its just that easy

NATO Determined to Restore Contacts with Russian Military Top Brass : "Yes, we have talked an awful lot about how we re-establish comm and the fact that the communication with our senior military interlocutors in Russia is important," Gen. Breedlove said at a press conference following the Military Committee in Chiefs of Defense session." Hypocrisy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

China stole F-35 plans? Not so says China

China Dismisses Allegations of US F-35 Stealth Fighter Data Theft: "China has rejected accusations that it stole "huge volumes" of sensitive military data, including the US's F-35 stee otheralth fighter design plans, after Der Spiegel publicized documents blaming the Chinese government for cyber espionage activities."

Of course, the US doesn't engage in any cyber espionage.