Monday, March 15, 2010

Hear ye! Hear ye! - Old Town meeting re PDC move

A couple posts here and in the Old Town blog and a couple of Oregonian pieces have discussed the contemplated move by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) from its Old Town location to anywhere else, or so it seems. See links below.

The Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association is conducting a town hall type of meeting Tuesday March 16th at PDC's Old Town headquarters, 222 NW 5th Avenue, at 5:30. Those interested in effects on Old Town and the potential reasons for the move should attend. If you get there a little early you can sign up to speak.

I am not going to restate the potential negative effects on Old Town when PDC moves – but suffice to say it will be a substantial blow to Old Town's economic infrastructure.

Notice I said “when” not “if” PDC moves because I believe that decision has been made and this meeting will be used as an attempt to justify the move and to placate as many as possible.

Let's see if Old Town has any gonads.

PDC move out of Old Town - Town Hall Meeting

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PDC move – understandable

PDC move out of Old Town – inevitable?

PDC an Old Town asset

Sales pitches - and some politics - on the Portland Development Commission's new home talk (Update 1)

Developers Tom Moyer, Jim Winkler court PDC for aid -- as a tenant

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