Sunday, July 25, 2010

Filling space - Oregonian

Elevator fails, strands dozens in care facility |

In the days of  print media publication space was limited. An editor weeded out the valueless stories. But today the online publication space is limitless. This lends itself to the publication of articles that are superficial at best. But, it is amazing at times just how superficial "news" reporting can be even from ordinarily good reporters. The Oregonian's coverage of a failed elevator is but one example.

The elevator that failed was located in the Macdonald Center Residence in Old Town. The Oregonian did its best to make it look like the elderly and disabled served by the Center were in peril. The 'reporter" even tried to equate the failure of an elevator part as a failure of the Center's mission to the "forgotten poor."

The Macdonald Center Residence does well by its Old Town residents.  In my six years in Old Town - I found the Center to be a "good neighbor" providing much needed services and assistance to the Portland community.

Postscript: Take a look at what I would call the "correction" article. What a difference between reporters. E.g., instead of dozens stranded in the first article - in the second it was 10.

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