Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apparently it takes a death

OLCC pulls liquor license of downtown Portland Club 915 over 'persistent problems' |

"The OLCC cited 19 serious incidents at the Southwest Second Avenue club over the past year, including fights, assaults, drugs and intoxication documented by the chief. "

"Three included gunshots fired outside and a prior gang-related shooting Sept. 11 in which someone was shot and wounded after a fight broke out between a group of Asian males and a group of African American men as they left the club."

Yes there was another death where patron was removed from the club and was found dead in a waterfront fountain in the morning. It is a stretch to tie a liquor license to that event.

It is a more interesting to read the whining and blame avoidance and shifting by the club's owner.

And one wonders how many other bars have persistent problems? How about those in Old Town? The OLCC doesn't make it easy to find out.

Yet the city worries about public drinking in certain areas.