Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bicycle with child's trailer

Representative Mitch Greenlick is proposing to ban this combination. Oregonian's Anna Griffin opposes it - mostly because she uses a bicycle trailer combination.

It is difficult how any sane person would put their child in that trailer and proceed to ride the streets of Portland. It is somewhat akin to riding at night dressed in dark clothing.

And it reminds me of the mothers I see pushing their babies in the stroller and at the corner instead of stopping with the stroller still on the sidewalk they stop with themselves at the corner. Child is in the street and apparently mom is unaware of it.

But it does strike one as more unwarranted government intrusion. While I disagree with Anna Griffin's choice in this case. I would choose not to use the trailer - she chooses otherwise. Parenting or any of its parameters is not Representative Greenlick's business. Mr. Greenlick apparently has too much time on his hands.

Save us from those who want to save us.