Friday, January 14, 2011

PPSing in the wind

PPS bonds: Save the schools but lose the house? is an Oregonian guest column expressing just one opposition to school bonds. I wonder if it isn't like what one of the commentators said: "They are so sure that this ballot will pass that they are already spending the money on the planning including architectural plans."

The guest columnist makes several good points, but isn't he like others, including myself, just pissing in the wind?

PPS seeks to raise taxes for projects they deemed "for the children." They expect the tax payers to pony up the money because it is "for the children." And oddly enough taxpayers seem to buy into it. This despite the dismal education the Portland children receive.

There is no one anywhere saying positive things about the quality of the Portland Schools. But as long as the citizens keep voting for these tax measures - the school district will keep spending the money as they deem fit. And it is more than evident that part of what they deem fit is not providing quality education.