Monday, January 3, 2011

Recruiting by U.S. universities of Chinese undergrads

Recruiting by U.S. universities of Chinese undergrads is hottest new education trend - San Jose Mercury News

"The newfound wealth of many Chinese and their strong academic preparation make these students an admissions officer's dream."

This one sentence speaks volumes - money and academic preparations talks. China, as other countries in that region, are better prepared academically. See the Great Schools article on the recent results of international tests. See too the Washington Post article -"International test score data show U.S. firmly mid-pack." Where Oregon ranks in comparison to other states and countries see my post.

Santa Clara University is a private Catholic university. It is strategically located in California's silicon valley. But the story raises questions of why foreign recruitment is necessary and whether US citizens, especially those in California proximately located are being denied access.

Yes - it is private organization, so they can make their own admission policies based upon business interests, but the public universities are also recruiting.

And one wonders - why shouldn't American students have a priority in admission, assuming that they can afford it and are prepared to study at university level?

Is it that our well prepared students are not wealthy enough to attend these universities or is it that US students are just not well prepared to attend a university? Maybe both.

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