Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10: The game's affoot?

Al Jazeera
While we watch Glee or some other nonsense - it is likely that the most significant event in the world is being ignored. Ignorance is such comfort.

Mubarak meets with VP, protesters flood square - Yahoo! News: "State TV says President Hosni Mubarak is meeting with his vice president at his palace. Thousands more protesters are lining up to enter a packed Tahrir Square in expectation Mubarak will announce he's stepping down."

Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt - "They were born roughly around the time that President Hosni Mubarak first came to power, most earned degrees from their country’s top universities and all have spent their adult lives bridling at the restrictions of the Egyptian police state — some undergoing repeated arrests and torture for the cause."

Labor Actions in Egypt Boost Protests - "The protests at the [government] newspaper, Al Ahram, by freelance reporters demanding better wages and more independence from the government, snarled one of the state’s most powerful propaganda tools and . . . ."

Hosni Mubarak 'may step down' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English: "Based on the responsibility of the armed forces and its commitment to protect the people and its keenness to protect the nation... and in support of the legitimate demands of the people [the army] will continue meeting on a continuous basis to examine measures to be taken to protect the nation and its gains and the ambitions of the great Egyptian people"

But very troublingEgyptian army 'torturing' prisoners - Middle East - Al Jazeera English: "The Egyptian military has been secretly detaining and torturing those it suspects of being involved in pro-democracy protests, according to testimony gathered by the British newspaper the Guardian."

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