Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oregonian:Neil Goldschmidt's sex-abuse victim tells of the relationship that damaged her life

An excellent piece of journalism about a tragic story that will probably never have an end. I am relatively new (2004) to Oregon and Portland, but I became first aware of its effects on the others associated with Neil Goldschmidt. Her - the victim's - story has never been told until now. It is clear that this story has a life of its own - as well it should.

The author MARGIE BOULÉ, a former Oregonian columnist, exemplifies journalism. It is shame that she and the Oregonian had to sit on the story. It was a correct decision. When I first read her piece then the response by Goldschmidt to submitted questions prior to publication - it seems clear that Goldschmidt hasn't the ability to recognize in a real sense the harm he has caused by his child sexual predatory (possibly innate) character. I am not sure he has a conscience.

Psychopath: "A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse."

This is not an unique story. It is a story too often told of an adult in position of actual or apparent authority taking advantage of a child for sexual gratification.E. g., the story is often told of teachers having sex with their students. See Bad Bad Teacher website.

Arguably the Sam Adams "affair" is similar enough in facts to warrant a close look too at how votes are cast without concern of the person's characteristics inconsistent with moral attributes held high in our society and cultures. Is there a more despicable action?

In these stories we read all too often that it isn't about relationships between persons of similar ages. One is very young and the other much much older. There is too the seduction element where the adult takes the time to seduce the other. And it is not just a one time event - it goes on and on. And it seems common too for the seducer to justify his or her actions by alleging "consent."

It is tragic too because this victim has died way too young at the age of 49. I hope there is more to come on this coverage now that the victim has been properly identified and her story is being told. The Willamette Week is starting their story. But there has to be more digging for answers.

Look - too many people had to know or suspected the worst of this relationship. He was a public figure. There are many that need to be called out - based upon facts not supposition - on their choice not to protect a child. Frankly, it is difficult to believe that those in the media covering Goldschmidt during those years didn't know.

"They were in a hotel, or some other big building. In just a moment he would lead her into a room and a crowd of people would cheer." 

""He'd pick me up by the fountain," a block from the school, "in the black car," she said. "He always had a driver.""

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