Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sisters Coffee - in the Pearl

Just up the street (east on NW Marshall) from my favorite brewpub - Bridgeport - there appears to be a new location for Sisters Coffee Company. It isn't finished yet, but there is a lot of retail construction activity with "Sisters" signs. No indication yet as what exactly is coming. A coffee house or some combination of coffee house and roaster? From their website it would appear that this would be a first location outside of Sisters.

One might think that Pearl doesn't need another coffee shop, but my experience says it will be welcomed. Pearl, at least in the northern end, appears to have much more foot traffic and coffee shop needs. For Pearl the recession seems to be over.


  1. Just as an aside, it seems weird to me that you have to assert you are "over 21" just to "enter" Bridgeport's website. Pardon my French, but WTF? (I had never visited the site before following your link above.)

  2. Me too. But it has been than way for some time after the re-modeled the place.

    Over cautious deference to Oregon Liquor Control Commission?