Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walmart Neighborhood Market @ NW Cornell Road

It is Beaverton and it involves Don Mazziotti who is their community development director. He received a lot of heat when he was Portland Development Commission's executive director - but I have always thought that was misdirected. Given his successors - my case is made.

Anyway it is another Walmart story that in Portland would bring the rage of the anti-Walmart lot to a boil. These are the people who are against Walmart. That is it. Read the comments to the Tribune article. Probably because it is a Beaverton story - there were only 2 negative comments out of 7 total. This is an excerpt from one of the negative comments: "This company is destroying retail America. Go read the facts for yourself." There was no link to the "facts."

Never mind that it is a successful business - of course that might just be it. Never mind either that not all of their stores are "Supercenters." They have stores that can fit the market need. While the Beaverton store will be a Neighborhood Market - they also have a smaller Marketside version.

Beaverton made a rational decision.

Walmart expected to open NW Cornell Road store