Monday, March 28, 2011

When students have more ethics than schools

"The USA Today series has shown that attempts to do that in other parts of the country have often been detected because students, as bothered by cheating as anyone else, went home and told their parents, who reported it to school headquarters." [Take back that blue ribbon, Secretary Duncan - Class Struggle - The Washington Post].

USA Today’s series “Testing the System. "They reveal that the D.C. schools have been winning awards for test results in which there are so many wrong-to-right erasures---averaging more than a dozen per student in some classes---that the odds of that happening by chance are worse than for winning the Powerball lottery grand prize." [Washington Post].

See my earlier post on the first part of their series: "The USA Today piece is well written and informative. I wonder how Oregon would fare if USA Today took a look at them? I wrote "Closing the achievement gap" pointing out the interesting test scores at one particular school. Although I was wondering about the accuracy of the testing and teaching methodology - the USA Today story raises another issue - adults cheating to raise scores."

It says quite a bit about students' integrity and little for the D.C. schools and their teachers and administrators.