Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jefferson's academic rigor spawns 'peace prize' award?

"Anyone who doubts the rigor at Jefferson High School can look to the “On Democracy” Senior Inquiry class, a partnership between the high school and Portland State University." See the Portland Tribune's Jefferson students award ‘peace prize’ this month.

This is Anderson's second article attempting to award a "star" even to the failing Jefferson. See What about the Arts at Jefferson? As I said before - something is academically amiss at Jefferson. Arts and a "peace prize" award doesn't prove otherwise. Arguably, its partnership with PSU isn't academically related.

In the latest story, the Tribune inexplicably credits Jefferson High School as a rigorous school while its state and federal ratings say otherwise. 50% of its students graduate on time. The feds have marked the school: "Repeatedly missed targets, must offer transfer or free tutoring." 

Great Schools rates Jefferson 3 on a scale of 10 - 10 being the best. Test results show that each of the grades 8 - 12 fall well below the state's average. Worst yet in 2010 each grade dropped below its scores in 2009.

Academic rigor? Not likely found at Jefferson. 

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