Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why does it always have to go this way?

The cast of two with an audience of loyalists and skeptics. A hotel maid, an immigrant from New Guinea who, except for her child, is alone in this country. An International Monetary Fund executive known in his country France as the "great seducer." The charge is rape. And it is not the first time, but France has a different view of politicians' sexual misbehaviors, although rape is crossing the line even for them.

But the loyalists and skeptics - really one and the same - are on the seducer's side with the maid standing alone in the court of public opinion. She faces an uphill battle in the legal court because the "consenting adults" card is being played. We haven't seen the evidence but it may come down to he said - she said.

The maid has an attorney, from the press I gather he is being paid by someone else or it could be pro bono. Fortunately - it isn't Gloria Allred. While the American justice system likes to posture about equality in the eyes of the law - we aren't. The maid - accuser- needs an attorney to balance the scales somewhat against this high profile accused.

The loyalists-skeptics are casting conspiracy theories and doubts about event, i.e., why would this upstanding world leader in monetary affairs force sex with an African immigrant? She is - so the story goes - trying to make a buck. And, there is even stories about efforts of political opponents - the "great seducer" was expected to run for French presidency - to discredit him. [The Guardian, see also the Economist.]

This case does scream settlement. Not because of the lack of guilt, but the gross economic inequality between the two. Because of the media - she isn't working. Even if the hotel was gracious enough to continue her wages - the trial will not be occurring in the near future. She may even find it difficult to obtain another job  even if he is found guilty, although one could normally expect a civil suite in any event. But highly unlikely from someone who hasn't been in this country very long.

It comes down to - he is important and she is not. It is the American two-tier justice system, especially when the accused is wealthy.

Oddly though - the American press hasn't made much of the fact that he is a socialist. Yes he is a French socialist not a Chinese socialist - but isn't he still a dreaded socialist?

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