Friday, June 17, 2011

A federal judge and jury exonerated Portland police but now the Citizens Review Committee wants a crack - give me a break

Even though the federal judge dashed the aspirations of the ever cop hating Oregonian - that reads Maxine Bernstein and the trolls that she panders to - the Citizens Review Committee, that has yet to demonstrate its worth, wants to keep the cop hating alive. It plans to review the case. It is time to move on. [See Federal judge finds for the City of Portland in former police recruit's whistleblower case.]

And, the Oregonian continues to keep their conclusion - whistleblower - in the headlines. The police recruit was far from being a whistleblower. She exposed nothing but her lack of skills and ability to be a policewoman. Frankly it is a good thing that she was self-weeded out of the police department. Talk about a misfit. One suspects that she would have never made it pass the recruit stage.