Friday, July 1, 2011

Nuclear safety

Most likely because of Japan nuclear problems, some stories in the American press and many by bloggers connect natural disasters to nuclear safety without explaining the connection or they fail to provide facts that justifies concern.

A story like this from the New York Times that is fairly balanced - Flooding Brings Worry About Nebraska Nuclear Plants from the New York Times - is sometimes dismissed as part of some cover up or is alleged to be part of a conspiracy by nuclear industry. Thus, rather than being just skeptical about nuclear safety - the goal is to denigrate the existence of nuclear power.

Consideration ought to be given to the fact that the US Navy has 10 active nuclear powered aircraft carriers with about 5.5k enlisted and officers on aboard. But US Navy has other nuclear powered ships, e. g, submarines. Other navies have nuclear powered ships too. [See Nuclear navy.] Arguably, nuclear energy can be made safe, at least for some applications.

The question that ought to be answered, or issue raised, is how to assure nuclear safety? It seems rather foolish to ignore or put aside the one alternative power source that is nearly unlimited. Shouldn't nuclear energy be one of the many significant alternatives?

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