Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who do the Democrats represent?

Stanley Greenberg writes in the New York Times this Sunday the why voters are eschewing the Democrats. His day job is the chief executive of a polling company for center-left parties. This article is not about political issues, but more about why the middle and working class find no refuge in the Democratic party. It is too, without intention, a brief on the rise of third party politics. This rise pf third parties might well radicalized this country far beyond rescue.

I find this paragraph especially pertinent:

"GOVERNMENT operates by the wrong values and rules, for the wrong people and purposes, the Americans I’ve surveyed believe. Government rushes to help the irresponsible and does little for the responsible. Wall Street lobbyists govern, not Main Street voters. Vexingly, this promotes both national and middle-class decline yet cannot be moved by conventional democratic politics. Lost jobs, soaring spending and crippling debt make America ever weaker, unable to meet its basic obligations to educate and protect its citizens. Yet politicians take care of themselves and party interests, while government grows remote and unresponsive, leaving people feeling powerless."

There is more good stuff to read.