Monday, August 15, 2011

Appeal hearing 9-21 on immigration jail in South Waterfront

In a post about the original hearing decision I noted:
Jim Davis - South Portland Neighborhood Association - feels that they have won the battle. "Davis said he's not worried politicians will approve an appeal from the developer and federal authorities." But Mr. Davis needs to be a little more wary of how too often the city and its cozy developers win the war.
The original date of the appeal was set for 8-24, then moved to 9-21. Apparently the original appeal date was set in advance expecting the appeal would be from the neighborhood association rather than the developer. [Oregonian].

It is unclear why who appeals makes a difference in when the hearing is set. And it seems interesting that it was expected that the neighborhood association would be the loser. Despite Mr. Davis' optimism noted above - he needs to be especially worried because it is the politicians that are deciding the appeal. 

"Safety concerns" the basis for the original decision is an easy mark for the developer and friends. The city has known about the safety concerns from the gitgo - there is no reason now that they will stop the flow of dollars to the developer.

This is a severe case of conflict of interests having the city council sitting as the decision maker. This is especially true considering that it is the city that wants this project. It is politics that will guide the decision making. Mr. Davis will hopefully be better prepared than his optimism suggests.

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