Friday, August 26, 2011

The "liberals" fail to listen

The liberals and conservatives - whoever they are - are constantly battling doing their best to cast aspersions on the other. The conservatives are in name calling mode that is juvenile. The liberals are in defense mode usually countering with an "oh yeah!" or an "is not." But the conservatives, maybe unconsciously, have listened to many Americans and are riding, and possibly inciting, the wave of discontent.

The Democratic Party, at least the liberal wing, fails to hear that discontent - they are not listening. The liberals are philosophically blind. There is no room in their view that they might be in error. People who don't believe are not only denigrated (e.g. tea-partiers) but are ignored like children at a Thanksgiving dinner.

While the Republican conservatives engage in the rankest behavior, the Democratic liberals are keeping the faith.  They know that if they keep saying it (insert your own phrase) often enough it will become true. But like in religion - faith isn't the same anymore.

The Democrats fail to hear (because they don't listen) the opposition to illegal immigration, the doubt about global warming and its effects, the concern over national health care, the worry over the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, fear of growing unemployment, the continuing and ever expanding expenditures for social services, and the growing nationalism. It is only a portion of the list of issues. Democrats in general have disappeared into the wood work. They are not a party in opposition.

While the world often seems to be crumbling down around us - Europe and Asia are not doing so well either - the president seems to be on permanent vacation. Democratic supporters make the excuses about the difficulty of the job and the need to relax blah blah blah. This president seems to be following in the footsteps of prior president who it is said took 1 year of vacation during his 8 years.

But his time is limited in the presidential role - 2 terms max. He and other party leaders need to be addressing the concerns of the dwindling working middle class. He needs to be taking a world leadership role. This is not the time for vacations nor the lip service that comes from the liberals' blind philosophical ideals.

It is time - past time - for the Democratic Party to give its constituents a reason to keep the faith. Some leadership would be a good start.