Sunday, August 7, 2011

Old Town gang shooting - again

Smack in the middle of Old Town another apparent gang shooting. [Police Press Release]. The question becomes - why is Old Town an attraction of gangs or gang members? The six years I lived in Old Town violence, gun or otherwise, was pretty much nonexistent. Now I am ignoring the bar fights common to the Old Town entertainment district.

Residents in Old Town, unless there has been a serious demographic shift, are not gang oriented nor likely to be gang members. Other than a few exceptions at Old Town Lofts - the income level of most, if not all, Old Town residents hovers around the poverty line. Old Town is highly populated with recovering whatevers with zero disposable income. And, the drug dealers and users are not Old Town residents, but participants in the open drug market - a place for outsiders to sell and purchase drugs.

So why the gang shootings? Is it because of the entertainment sector?