Monday, September 12, 2011

Council plan tackles housing discrimination - really?

Commissioner Fish has a proposal for the council that "calls for an end to discrimination in rental and owner-occupied housing." He is not daunted by the fact an analysis of his earlier "housing audit"  "raised questions about the accuracy of the findings, noting numerous internal mistakes and dubious testing procedures." 
The plan reads: "In Portland, we will not tolerate discrimination in housing. We will not cure this disease overnight. It will take persistence, collaboration, and creativity."
Racial discrimination is because the commissioner says it is. Facts mean nothing when he has his 'fact' glasses on. He see what no one else sees. Leftist ideologues like Mr. Fish are anathema to government serving all its citizens and not some perceived special interest groups.

Commissioner Fish is looking for a cap to put a feather in. He touts himself as a 'civil rights' lawyer, but one suspect that he never quite made the grade. He has the rich kid,  liberal, left mentality that demands your tax money be spent on issues that are near and dear to him.

Thus while living quite well financially, and apparently with little to do, he and other financially well off liberal, left folks can commiserate with each other in the difficulties in reaching a society where in a Marxian view "[f]rom each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!"