Friday, September 23, 2011

OMG - throwing kittens out the moving car window+

See the Police Press Release for the details - but why throw the kittens out the window? Too much trouble to go to an animal shelter or take one of a host of other alternatives?

Originally published 9/1/11. Too quick to judge? Restored faith in humanity. Update 9/23/11: "Society investigators now say the kittens probably crawled into the vehicle's undercarriage and fell out as the owner drove to work. No animal abuse charges are planned." [Oregonian].


  1. The story tends to give credence to the NRA's argument 'guns don't kill people, people kill people.'

    So too the recent rash of stabbings in Portland. I don't hear the same arguments about knives as about guns.

    The news is full of incidents demonstrating what people will do to other people for little or no reason. And too many have no qualms about mistreating animals.

    Fortunately though there is still a substantial majority of people that coexist with others peacefully.