Saturday, September 10, 2011

Portland police sergeant fired - for road rage?

A police sergeant with 19 years of service is fired because of two off-duty  "road rage" incidents with the same complainants. No gun was brandished. Oh yes - he failed to have the correct license plates. The "investigation" apparently found that he was "evasive and untruthful." The police "investigation" took 18 months. There were no other relevant "facts" in the media reports. As far as the anti-cop Oregonian and other bloggers are concerned - one less cop.

It matters not to the cop haters that the firing doesn't ring true or that it appears to be punishment disproportional to the "crime." It is a 19 year veteran. Was head of the police union. Did nothing other than scream at the "victims." Maybe it the Smart car that triggered his anger? Discipline - no doubt. Firing - there better be more to the story.

"More to the story" is suggested by fact that "[t]wo other Portland police supervisors [...] remain under investigation for unrelated, off-duty road-rage incidents in which each is accused of unholstering their firearms."

Justice you serve others is the justice you deserve.

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