Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Qwikster? Really - is that the best name Netflix could come up with?

Recently when I finally got fed up with Netflix, I wrote Netflix sucks. It still does even after the CEO's apology, And the announced splitting of Netflix into two companies doesn't bode well for consumers - despite the claims that pricing will not change.

It is really a spin-off. Apparently there will be two of everything. Now it will be Netflix for streaming and Qwikster for DVDs. One skeptically suspects that the DVD side will be priced out of existence if not sold beforehand. And one has to wonder how the DVD side will be effected should postal service stop Saturday deliveries.

CNET published a really decent article on this saga. The article includes the full apology letter that includes the information about the new services. There is too an opportunity to vote on the apology - it seems that it didn't fare too well.

I found it interesting it interesting that when the price increase came out - there was an email notice, but not for the apology. Interesting too is the CEO's claim of expanding the streaming content. Look the reality has been that the streaming content is old content except for a few of the anime. And consider too that recently Starz appeared to terminate its relationship with Netflix.

The New York Times notes the further anger derived from the "apology."  Qwikster Plan by Netflix Angers Devoted Customers: "In many of the 17,000 comments (so far), disgruntled consumers mocked the name of the new DVD company, Qwikster, and predicted its demise."

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