Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another resident shot dead - in his doorway

As I noted in a prior blog post - shootings seem to have become routine and meaningless to the city and its police department. The Oregonian had coverage, but it was odd in that it published an accompanying odd photo of a neighbor and self-identified friend of the victim.

Clearly an inappropriate picture of neighbor Williams showing her smiling - rather large smile at that -  apparently about the event. It should not have been published by the Oregonian. One wonders why any picture? 

What did the Oregonian think the photo would contribute to the story? It makes her appear rather cold about the murder of her friend. I doubt that she deserves that.

Being unfamiliar with that neighborhood - her apparent residence in the background of the image is clearly different from that of the person who was killed. Or is the picture not in any way connected to the incident or neighborhood?

But where is the city's concern and outrage at another shooting in Portland - this time not into a car or house - but into a person - a death? The mayor and the police are failing Portland.

Interesting too is that there is another Oregonian story about the same neighborhood touting a Main Street program. See the mayor 'holding hands' with officials - what me worry?