Monday, October 10, 2011

Ecoliner electric buses

I watched Jay Leno's Garage this morning and was impressed with this bus. Why haven't I heard about it before - well AutoBlogGreen had the story last year.

Apparently it has a year's in use experience in the Southern California Foothill Transit. One of its best feature is that it can be charged in about ten minutes and that it can use an inductive method of charging - the bus merely pulls under the charging canopy and waits.

What is especially dissatisfying though is the lack of followup on this venture. After a year's use - the data ought to be most illuminating - but I see nothing anywhere. It is hard to believe that there has been no problems - but it would seem that it has been successful.

And what about costs as compared to the regular non-electric bus or even other types of electric buses?  It ought to be virtually maintenance free - but was it?

It is not too difficult to find faults with the bus as a use in regular service. One might be that the need for the charging station - however convenient - requires fixed, and maybe short, routes.  I don't know, but this bus seems to have great potential - but it seems unlikely that there will be followup reports.

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