Thursday, October 20, 2011

It is nice to see Commissioner Fish squirm

I don't have much respect for Commissioner Fish. He is an empty headed liberal whose 'civil rights' credentials are borrowed from his loose association with civil rights causes. One suspects family wealth - like many liberal politicians - has enabled him to be like the upper class Englishmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries - a lay about. See his official bio.

But here he is faced with his support for the homeless and his role as a city leader and head of the parks and the housing departments. Of course one cannot deny his liberal philosophical support for both the tent city folks and the Occupy encampment.

He whines about the damage being caused to the parks - spending unknown $$ to estimate (see Oregonian) the damages. Now he is concerned about serving all Portlanders: "These historic parks in the heart of the city serve all Portlanders." But see the fu*k you letter from Occupy Portland.

And he has taken no real stand on the homeless tent city established in Old Town.  "But Fish says he does not see a clear connection between the two encampments." [Portland Tribune.] He believes the fact that one group is occupying public property and the other private property makes it separate.

But both are ignoring city regulations as to zoning and park use. I will grant that enforcement will be different only because the land owner at NW 4th and Burnside is part of the problem. One can imagine that without the owners collaboration with the 'tent city,' the enforcement, i.e., removal, would have been quick.

The protests have lost their value. As each day goes by the reports of problems increase. Missing child, drug deals, shop lifting, etc. One wonders when the commissioner will grow a set and cause the parks to be cleared.

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