Friday, October 7, 2011

Jobs's Death Was Like Lennon, JFK Getting Shot, Wozniak didn't say

The headline from SFGate: Jobs's Death Was Like Lennon, JFK Getting Shot, Wozniak Says. But he didn't say that. What he did say: "It felt a lot like you just heard that, you know, John Lennon got shot, or JFK, or Martin Luther King."

Shock it was especially given his age. It seems like if you make it your 50s one ought to get a free pass to the 60s or even 70s.

Not only has news media like SFGate twisted slightly the reaction to the passing of Steve Jobs, it is also not surprising that unofficial biographers and those shameless individuals who want to link themselves or ideals to a famous person are coming out of the woodwork. Portland Afoot is a prime example of the latter.

The unofficial biographers are those in the news media who are writing the obits. While it is nice to see the good works presented - but I have trouble when they include negative items of personal life. Steve Jobs was by all accounts a very private person.

The trouble is that the person can't defend. Whatever faults Steve Jobs may have had - he was an innovator and entrepreneur - a poster boy for the American economic system. Leave it at that.

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