Sunday, October 2, 2011

So what is Israel's afraid of?

The question of Palestinian statehood  has Israel calling in its US  favors (not really favors - they ask and US gives, and gives, and gives, ...) and doing their best to convince any country that will listen not to vote for the statehood.

Why is Israel so afraid? Maybe that in the eyes of the world they will be seen as equals with the Palestinians. Maybe it is that they would have to participate in the world community and treat others as they demand to be treated. The weeping and gnashing of teeth has gone on too long.

But the West has created a bully that is armed to the teeth - nuclear weapons and all - that perceives anyone that disagrees with them are not only wrong but anti-Jew. The ""Holocaust" has become a "card" to be played whenever others start to criticize them.

Their polices toward the Palestinians smacks of "apartheid." While that may have an unfair sting to it - their policies toward the Palestinians are segregationist in intent and action.

It often seems that Israel has learned the wrong lessons from the Holocaust.

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