Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Explosion in Northwest Portland apartment - a story missed

The Oregonian continues to display its talent for lackadaisical reporting in the recent story on an explosion in an Old Town apartment building. The author failed to identify the apartment building - a Google search was too hard. The author failed to explore the reason for the explosion - it is an all electric building.

Maybe it was the fact that it happened in Old Town that the Oregonian failed to add any value content to what must have been a press release by the fire department. The blog orientation of the Oregonian depreciates its journalistic value to that of a third-rate newspaper.

Update from another Oregonian blogger: Northwest Portland explosion has fire officials stumped. It seems that Pinocchio's nose is growing. The apartment dweller was "cooking tofu and had rinsed out the pan with water when there was explosion. The blast was so powerful that it blew a 4 by 6 window out of the building and onto the street." Straight out of Ripley's Believe or Not?

Update again from a different Oregonian blogger. Tofu explosion caused by sudden dousing of grease fire with water. While still linking tofu to the cause of the explosion the post is better written and adds this bit of information - the window that was blown out wasn't install properly.

Sorry - I still don't buy it. I have lived in those apartment and they are not that airtight. Nor have they explained the 'explosion' part of the story. Oh well.