Thursday, November 24, 2011

Leaked climate science emails

Climate skeptics like me start to smile when stories are written about climatologists are "exposed" for their bias. But it remains important that one searches for the balanced stories in the news. Case in point is the media reports about the release, again, of emails that without a closer look mischaracterizes, i.e., takes out of content, the authors' positions.

The Guardian's "The leaked climate science emails – and what they mean" does an excellent job of putting the issue in the proper perspective. The basic climate warming is not debunked, or whatever, but we see the fallibility of science - it is a human process with accompanying biases.

The emails reflect part of the scientific process (method if you will) of getting to the truth. While science is not a unanimous decision making process, it is a most democratic process whereby ideas are discussed and challenged to best serve the institution and the public. 

Isn't it this scientific process that is missing in politics.