Sunday, November 20, 2011

Police confront Occupy protesters

Police confront Occupy protesters: "We will continue to be vigilant and ensure that public safety remains our first priority and that our downtown businesses are protected from vandalism. We will not tolerate lodging on public property, whether in parks or open space; it is illegal."

Notice that the news story headline could, or should, have been written as "Police enforce the laws." It is all in the perspective. These protesters are not righteous individuals seeking redress from its government. These are individuals seeking to provoke violence. Take a peek at any of the videos showing the police and demonstrators - it is pure provocation for the point of provoking violent reaction from the police. Not one of us would take that abuse - why should police?

Trouble is that the police enforcement is two months too late. It is an Oakland California story but for all intents and purposes it serves Portland as well. The Oakland mayor finally grasped the reality of political leadership - the need to lead, or be seen to lead, for the benefit of all of the city's residents. But, I am not sure that Portland's mayor has seen the light yet. He has always been driven by minority issues.

It is not surprising to find that it is mainly, if not all, the cities with liberal governments - make that left - that are enabling the occupation. It is a philosophy born out of those precious young years when eyes are blinded to realities and obscured by heartfelt desires to see a better world. However, the trouble is that these nirvana centered people often never mature nor come to terms with reality.

These city leaders have let their political ideology influence decision making to give preferential treatment to those who otherwise would be characterized as law breakers. For everyone else - they have to abide by the laws prohibiting trespass and requiring permits.


  1. I believe that in the GOOD OLE SOUTH, the Freedom Riders were breaking the law.
    Thank god governor Wallace saw that and put a stop to it!

  2. It is more than being disingenuous to equate on any level the circumstances of the Occupy movement with those giving rise to the actions by Alabama's Governor Wallace who sought to maintain racial segregation in his state.

    I don't remember that he actually ordered any arrests, but he clearly attempted, illegally, to stop federal orders to desegregate Alabama public schools.

    And, my recollection is that the Freedom Riders rode in 1961 before Wallace became governor.

    What also made the protests different is that anti-segregationists were non-violent. The marchers and riders were not taunting the police - but the other way around.

    One cannot compare those who inhabit Occupy Portland with those who marched for racial equality.