Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is there to debate?

Politics - Randy Leonard style - pushing to have a 'buddy' fill a space on the public safety fund. Odd name since it has nothing to do with public safety. The slot is "a citizen vacancy on the five-member Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund." [Oregonian].

It is not necessarily bad to try to have a friend and/or supporter as a member - but couldn't he at least picked someone with qualifications? Mr. Leonard's pick is a former one-term legislator and somewhat recent attorney - 18 months. The attorney factor seems to rate well with Mr. Leonard. I wonder if he would feel that myself or say blogger Bojack should be on his list of appointees?

Mr. Saltzman is arguably pushing a friend and/or supporter for the position, but she is qualified. "manager of Health & Benefits Actuarial Unit at Bickmore Risk Services. She previously worked as a consulting actuary at Howard Johnson & Company."

Between the two - the choice ought to be obvious.