Monday, December 5, 2011

It is difficult not to see Israel in anything other than a bad light

In addition to their nationalist nearly purist approach to the Palestinians their acceptance and even tolerance for anything other than an Israeli is evident in two recent stories. After American Outcry, Israel Ends Ad Campaign Aimed at Expatriates is a New York Times piece about an attempt to purify (my word) their society. But they are not alone is this attempt.

What makes Israel different is that it is a religion dominated state - Israel is for Jews. There are those in this country who want to see the United States as a Christian dominated society. The Middle East is full of countries where religion dominates.

And Israel quest to attract US Jews to Israel is reminiscent of the 50s when Catholics shun non-Catholics, Jews shun non-Jews, etc. The Catholic Church would not marry non-Catholics - the non-Catholic party had to convert.

And secondly, in this story by the Guardian - Israel to forcibly remove bedouin communities in settlements push - we see almost a Trail of Tears event.

It is all too tempting to see the irony in the treatment of the Jews by the Germans in the early part of the 20th century and the Israeli's treatment of the Palestinians and, in the context of the Guardian story, the Bedouins.

But it seems too that what we have is the intolerance that one finds in the major religions - they are inherently anti-diversity. If the Catholics had the ability - the Crusades would be on again. The Muslims would be conquering non-Muslim countries, and the Israelis would be either expelling non-Israelis or enslaving them.

Those with religious fervor just can't accept others who are different. It is a scourge more likely to lead to WWIII than anything else.

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