Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Occupy Movement? Really?

The Oregonian contains a fairly well written diatribe by someone who claims to be with Occupy Portland. I am not sure what it means to be 'with Occupy Portland" but it is clear that Occupy Portland hasn't contributed to solving America's problems - it hasn't even identified them.

For the Occupiers it us vs them. Well the 'us' is 'them.' Pogo says "we have met the enemy and he is us." Occupy Portland doesn't represent me nor does it represent anyone other than a small marginalized group that see themselves as revolutionaries. Occupy stands ready to use the rather old and outdated leftist technique of casting the economic system as the enemy of democracy..

But rather than use anti-capitalism rhetoric, it is a handier to use terms that needs no definition, e.g., corporations. Thus, however ambiguous it is in fact, it fits what one wants to hear. But your corporate enemy is not necessarily my corporate enemy - is it? And, how many of these Occupiers are running amok with the various iPhones and the like made by corporations?

They are either naive or very deceptive in their means to their ends. "We the People" is more like a platitude than words of cohesion. They are used to encourage attention to their self-righteous goals. Their "authentic patriotism" that elevates "general welfare over selfish individualism" is in context more about socialism than democracy.

Basically it seems that the Occupy whatever represent a far left approach cloaked in a very thin guise of democratic respectability. They want to be anti-capitalist and anti-democratic, but not so much that you might recognize it.

A movement? Not likely.