Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Squatters and Occupy Portland

It seems fairly easy to connect the two, but at the same time it isn't clear that the two are or should be connected. However, it does focus attention on those that seem to gravitate to leftist like propaganda to justify their actions. It always sounds good to say, maybe scream and shout, "we the people," 'lets take back our cities,' and the like.

Frankly Occupy Portland does little to dissociate themselves from the anarchists and those like these squatters. Yet Occupy Portland finds time to post their rhetoric in the Oregonian about "How we reclaim our country." I am amazed at the audacity that they exhibit by posing as democratic revolutionaries as it were. They see themselves as a movement - not even close.

The police found a handwritten note in one of the two homes taken over by the 'Occupy' squatters that contained in part: "For the better part of 2011 the squatter community in Portland has been focused upon houses owned by an elderly bankrupt lady named [name withheld by Portland Police]. The idea was that we might have a better chance at survival if the landowner was, as our research could tell, a batty old lady and her bed ridden husband." ['Occupy' squatters arrested in 2 Portland homes | kgw.com Portland].

Portland's finest residents these.

And this home invasion in the guise of 'squatting' is not new. See this Oregonian article: Members of Occupy Portland move into foreclosed house but police soon roust them. One can see the odd rationalization to stealing something of value that they have never contributed one cent or an ounce of effort in its acquisition. "Most of the neighbors we talked to are cool with us being there," she said. "But those rich people in the condos, they're the ones who called the cops. They are not friendly with what we're doing at all."