Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love dogs - but not their owners

[Editor: I published this first in March but felt compelled to republish.]

Pearl district is just full of dogs. Many are well behaved, better than the children, but because of their owners walking in the Pearl is hazardous. Way too many dog poop piles exist on the sidewalks. Even though they are often to the side of the walkway - they are not only unsightly but within the range of your footsteps.

Bags for the purpose of picking up after one's dog are available everywhere. My apartment complex has a dispenser at the door on the way out. Parks also have dispensers. There is just no excuse.

But even more of a problem is the dog on a leash. The sidewalks in many parts of Pearl are quite wide - yet the dog is extended on the leash into the path of pedestrians going the other way. As a pedestrian, one is forced to come to a stop or move the far edge of the sidewalk to avoid the dog.

A simple tug on the leash would clear the path - but the owners seem to think that it is cute that their dog is in the way.

Owners too think nothing about tying their dog to a post or even an outside table (not one that they are occupying), e.g., at a local coffeehouse or restaurant, blocking the passageway. Of course they are nowhere near the dog.

Finally, dog owners misuse the parks permitting their dogs to leave unwanted piles of dog sh*t in the landscaped areas. And despite signs to the contrary - once in the parks the owners feel free to let their dogs run unleashed.

Population in areas like Pearl are becoming more dense and require more consideration by dog owners. It ought to be clear to them that it is their obligation to pick up after their dog and that others do not necessarily share their love for their dog. Oddly enough a dog is not the friend of every man (person).

Well, I feel better.

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