Friday, April 13, 2012

Amanda Fritz dilemma

She represents what most of us want in our politicians. She is not beholden - financially or politically - to anyone.  From all accounts she acts on principle - yet she comes across as a "goody two shoes." We criticize her as politically naive while at the same time criticizing those who act "politically."

I have flip-flopped on her candidacy. My approach has been sort of like Republicans seeking something better but reluctantly willing to accept Romney while hoping for someone else to step up. But see Dave Lister's Fritz supporting article.

While extolling her virtues - he also lays out her political vices. "Her unqualified support of Mayor Sam Adams during the Beau Breedlove scandal irritated many, and using a bullhorn to tell the Occupy Portland protesters that their free-speech rights trumped city ordinances was clumsy."

I had noted that a Bojack supported candidate looks worth considering. But why look elsewhere? Lister notes that: "she is absolutely sincere and incorruptible. She works tirelessly, attending every possible neighborhood and community event and personally answering every email. [....] She speaks her mind and sticks to her convictions."

Isn't this what we want from our city leaders? And, I have no doubt that isn't true, but maybe it is this from Lister that keeps the doubt alive: "She has a ways to go in developing the political acumen to turn her frequent single dissenting vote into three, but that will come in time." But will we wait for her to gain her political sea legs?

Amanda Fritz may be an incumbent, but she is not an insider. Continuing to seek 'saviors' is destructive to the election, or in this case the re-election, of a city councilor that will act in the best interest of the city. A problem of three or more candidates on the ballot is that it often dilutes the voting giving sway to the one with most money.

I am not interested in a Mary Nolan on the city council. She has all the attributes of a professional politician - and that is not a good thing. I know enough about Amanda and Nolan but not enough about other potential candidates. But at this late date - the election is about a month away - the field has to be considered narrowed to two - Fritz and Nolan.

Between the two it is easy to pick Fritz. I hope others do too.

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