Monday, April 30, 2012

Is it worth the 45 cents?

I had read the Voter Pamphlet and read numerous articles and blog posts about the candidates. See my posts May Election - what a waste and This is democracy?  Last night I reviewed the Democrat ballot - this is an election that seems a waste of time and it sure isn't democracy. There are 34 office ballot opportunities - only 9 with choices.

There are those that might see the multitude of candidates for mayor as vindication of the democratic process - not me. The excess candidates are for most part those that couldn't get elected to dog catcher. There are a handful of candidates that one might label as serious contenders - not that they are worthy candidates though.

The political process in Portland and elsewhere destroys the citizen's opportunity to vote for a worthy candidate. We see that money is what gets the media's attention. E.g., getting the attention mayor's race are Hales, Smith and Brady. Are they the best Portland has to offer as mayoral candidates?

Hales and Brady are career type politicians that haven't told the truth for so long - they don't recognize it. And Smith is so discombobulated one isn't sure where he stands.

But checkout the three candidates that seemed to have received the most attention after the top three - Bill Dant (website, KATU), Max Brumm (website, Oregonian) and Scott Fernandez (website, Neighborhood Notes). All with future political potential - but their time is not now. They are not ready.

Other than a sense of civic duty - I see that this election isn't worth the 45 cent stamp that needs to be affixed for mailing. With no choice - too often literally - the democratic process is subverted. It is a sham. Only those with money seem to get elected - and guess what? They don't, except in election rhetoric, represent the citizens of Portland.

How many of your ideals, goals, interests, experiences coalesce with any of the candidates for office? Do you really believe that they have the best interests of Portland at heart or just themselves and other class members? If you aspire to be a Hales, Brady or Smith - you might set your sights a little higher.

Maybe Bojack has it right about the mayoral race: "In fact, you'll be throwing away your primary vote if you don't vote for somebody other than the "Big 3." You can hold your nose and go for the lesser of two evils in November."

That is democracy - hold your nose and vote (where there is a choice) for the lesser of two evils.

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