Friday, April 6, 2012

Nation at war

The brother of a soldier killed by a recent bombing in Afghanistan wants us to remember that "we are a nation at war." But we are not. We have a wrongful military action in a country that has no value to the security interests of the US. It is a country where its citizens are intent on expelling foreign invaders. It is a country where on one extreme is the Taliban who wants the country to be a religious state and on the other extreme there are the rich who think nothing about obtaining boys groomed for sex as companions. [And this is a country that we sacrifice our sons and daughters for?].

It is not a declared war - but action taken by the military at the behest of our country's civilian leadership. The citizens nor residents of the US share in the sacrifices that are made by our military personnel and their families. They don't face a draft, rationing, or for the most part they don't even see it in the news. The Afghanistan war like the Iraq war plays out without the involvement of the citizens and residents of the US.

It has been ten years - yet I suspect that most have no idea that the war exists, or if it exists, why it exists. Each of us can go about our daily life without even a thought given to these military personnel who give so much. It is wrong that they sacrifice while we don't. Of course, if we did have to sacrifice the war wouldn't be.