Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oregon AG moves on quickly

This is one of those stories that sparks some interest and suspicion. Mr. Kroger was elected for a fixed term as the Oregon Attorney General (AG). However, before completing his first term, he resigned from the position mysteriously alleging some health issue that would not permit his continuance in office. But he isn't suffering enough to keep him from accepting the president position at Reed College, and he isn't going to fill out his elected term. The governor will have to name someone to fill the position until the new AG is elected.

If one looks at his impressive biography (see Wikipedia too) one has to wonder why the sudden move to retirement at the age of 45 as president of Reed College? One can easily surmise that he is a Type A personality that seems inconsistent with the change in jobs. But, maybe therein lies the "health" issue.

But, the Oregon AG job doesn't pay well, according to the Statesman Journal it is set by law at $77,200. That is an insignificant sum for heading up a department: "With more than 1,200 full-time employees and a two-year budget of almost $425 million, the Department of Justice is among the 10 largest state agencies."

Maybe the health issues are real enough and the job at Reed College fortuitously came along at the right moment - it certainly seems plausible even if a little bit contrived. But the new job and salary seems more than an incentive for the change even without any health issues. At Reed College he will receive $375,000 annually plus a housing stipend.

It sounds like a good career move.

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