Thursday, April 26, 2012

Problematic notice by PSU

Maybe because of the insufficient information one wonders the why. "This is to advise you that law enforcement agencies are investigating threats of violence against the PSU community made by Henry Liu, a graduate student at Portland State University."

Let's hope that PSU made a considered review of federal law before it issued the email. We are not informed in the notice or in the originating KGW news story what the threats were or what federal law required the notice. Without more the public will be correct in regarding Mr. Liu as a dangerous individual. Or was he just disgruntled?

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  1. You are correct to question the veracity of this notice. I was a grad student at PSU school of social work and a professor who had successfully targeted me for removal because of slander she heard about me did something similar. She played up that she thought I would be dangerous because I was "verbally threatening". The only threats made were of legal action should they continue to harass and intimidate me through slander and defamation. They used the school police and email system to ensure that nobody would come to my aid or be available as witnesses to the slander they committed. They sent an even more vague email that simply stated I had "taken actions against" the school. I had filed a grievance against a professor for a legitimate reason and was appealing to the grievance committee. There was no other "action" taken than what is rightfully mine under their own policies. They were doing what is called "mobbing".