Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Challenge Index rankings

The Washington Post's High School Challenge ranking for 2012 is out with little change for Oregon. Corbett Charter and Corbett, oddly enough at the same location, are 2 and 4 respectfully. Last year they were 3 and 16. No other Oregon or Washington school were in the top 20. And only Washington had schools in the top 100 with 4 entries all from Bellevue.

A look at only the 2012 Oregon rankings - Portland's Lincoln High came in third, but way down, compared to the two Corbetts, in the national rankings at 583. Read my post on the 2011 rankings. See too my post on how US News ranked public high schools in 2012.

I really not too sure what one can fully take away from the various rankings. It would take far more analysis than I have the time to do - but these rankings give a sense of comparative analysis, i.e., one can see how a school fared in comparison to another Oregon or say Washington school. And so too with any other school in the nation, but one is not going to come away with an explanation for the differences.

Part of the explanation is the methodology. The US News ranking includes standard test scores where the Post does not. And the Post divides "the number of AP, IB and AICE exams at each school by the number of graduating seniors." Because of a smaller graduating class - a school like Corbett Charter may be ranked higher than a larger school.

But it is clear that the two Corbett high schools are doing something right. And why is Portland Public Schools not doing something right? And why are the two Corbetts so much better, at least in the Washington Post rankings, than other Oregon or even Washington schools?

Don't expect to see any analysis offered by Oregon's education leaders or politicians (redundant?). For whatever reason no discussion, public or otherwise, will be promoted except maybe to push for more bond measures to better house students who are getting shafted on their education.

By the way there is absolutely no evidence supporting a connection between buildings and student excellence. And urban renewal may get a nice hotel in downtown Portland, but it diverts money from public schools. You think maybe the priorities are screwed up?

For your convenience:
AP - Advanced Placement.
IB - International Baccalaureate®
AICE - Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education

High School Rankings:
2012 National List.
2012 Oregon List.
2012 Washington List.

2011 National List.
2011 Oregon List.
2011 Washington List.

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