Tuesday, November 6, 2012

At last! Or will it be just the start of 2016 election cycle?

It is election day. This was a terrible election. Money funneled to sway voters. Efforts to make voting harder for those that would ordinarily favor one candidate. Candidates at all levels uttering beliefs that shocked the conscience. Outright lies. Fear tactics. Money, money and more money. Where does it all come from.

Maybe worse is that choices were slim to none. This was especially true at the local level. A Portland mayoral contest between Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith. OMG! At the national level, the incumbent gets to run - period. But look at what the Republicans offered. They ended up with a candidate that it seemed no one wanted. Grandfather pizza -OMG!

Issues are apparently for those in the local bars. Election about fears. Politicians fearing to take a principled stand. Politicians fearing to discuss, much less debate, issues. Isn't climate change/global warming an issue - at least one needed to be debunked or supported?

Fox News an openly biased organization that dismisses even the attempt to appear journalistic. Lies and more lies that seem to do nothing but feed the fears of intolerant, ignorant and extreme segments of society. Seeking to blame the country's woes on certain groups. Murdock makes Goebbels look like a neophyte.

Oh - I am so sick of it. But my god - what will it look like for the next election. Expect it to start tomorrow, but maybe even today.

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