Saturday, November 17, 2012

But then you wouldn't be a Republican

The Republicans desperately seeking answers (in Las Vegas) for their failure to elect their man - even though he was their reluctant choice. But as yet - they haven't stood and looked long enough in the mirror.

One piece of advice that came close came from Bill Bennett, a politico from the Reagan era: "You can articulate your opposition for example to same-sex marriage, [b]ut you can do it in a dignified way, in the right language, in a forceful way that shows you're not a bigot or intolerant." And I would add - even though you are.

One wonders why all this good advice was absent in the campaign? It seemed that the Republican Party sought their marching orders from the likes of Limbaugh and Fox News.  A moderate approach would have likely fielded a better candidate with an election win. Many Democrats were looking elsewhere to show their dissatisfaction - Republicans just wouldn't accommodate them.