Saturday, November 17, 2012

Idaho's teacher of the year

Arguably as a motivation technique the teacher allowed "the class chose a punishment: Students who failed to meet the [reading]  goal could either stay inside at recess until it was met, or have their faces written on by classmates who met the goals." [Idaho 4th-graders who failed reading goals had faces scribbled on].

One "10-year-old [...] came home from school Nov. 5 with his entire face — including his eyelids — scribbled on with green, red and purple markers." Needless to say this kid was humiliated. What kind of teacher lets the class determine punishment? And what kind of teacher punishes a student for his or her failure to pass the test?

Take a look at Great Schools rating (4 out of 10) of this particular school. Then peek at the reading test scores for this class. The state average for Reading was 87% in 2011, this class - 77%. It is interesting that the 3rd grade met the state average score and neither the 4th or 5th grade did.

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