Tuesday, November 20, 2012

India - world's largest democracy. Democracy?

So called democracies are having a difficult time adjusting to democracy's expression of free speech. India is a prime example of government chilling of free speech via Internet eavesdropping. [Woman hits like on Facebook, gets arrested in India].

Take a peek at some of the cases where there has been arrests. A college student arrested for a Facebook status update and another for clicking "Like" on the update.  They had "criticized a general strike called by a political party." And there is more.

Someone was arrested because they complained on the police department Facebook page "that they [police] were not doing enough to find her stolen car; a cartoonist who posted work online protesting corruption scandals by the central government; and a professor [...] who merely forwarded an email with a cartoon that was critical of West Bengal chief minister . . . ."

Doesn't sound like a democracy - does it?

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