Saturday, November 24, 2012

It is not that their efforts have value, because they don't.  KGW reports on a middle-class champions protesting at Walmart. It is unclear how protesting at Walmart brings about a middle class, and I suspect they don't either.

Then there are the less-achievers that protest against fur. Under the protection of 'free speech' they attempt to force others with different views not to change their views, but to deny them the ability to express their views. 'You believe what I believe or else."

Finally, it isn't Portland without the cop-hating mentality found in the likes of Cop Watch and Peaceful Response Coalition. But I give them credit for voicing their concerns in a peaceful manner willing to brave the elements to do so.

Apparently they have been demonstrating against the Afghanistan invasion every Friday night at the same place since November 2001. That effort has been lost on those like myself who haven't been aware.

But their focus seems to have shifted to protests about the FBI 'sting' involving the Christmas tree bomber suspect. Now the protesters want to free him. Like that is going to happen.

These protesters apparently have this theory that FBI's 'sting' effort was a phony terrorism plot "used as an excuse by Portland to de facto join the (FBI's) Joint Terrorism Task Force." Huh?

Oddly enough I share their concern that the FBI might well have wrongly manipulated him.  But it seems something akin to the hypnosis idea that people under hypnosis will not do something they would not do otherwise.

One wonders whether this alleged terrorist would have been just as easily manipulated by actual terrorists that the FBI were emulating? Isn't it all about an individual's responsibility for his or her actions? Didn't he have many opportunities to step away from the FBI's actions?

It is not about some phony plot to get the Portland police in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The question may well be - but for the FBI's efforts would he have become a terrorist? And while we are at it - is this the effort we want the FBI to be engaged in?  The answer to both questions seems to be yes.

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