Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oregon's school chief - clueless

"How we rank in the nation is really, truly surprising to me," said Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton." [Oregon's high school graduation rate fourth worst in nation; no state graduates fewer white students on time].

Now he a new guy - but one would expect that statistics like graduation rates would be not only handy but relatively accurate.

He goes on to say: "It is a disappointment and an indicator of how much work we need to do. " He is disappointed? What about all the students that have failed to graduate and those to fail in the immediate and most likely foreseeable future.

And a duh to Mr. Saxton for this: "Your educational attainment is one of your best indicators of your opportunity to be successful, as a person, as a wage earner and as a taxpayer."

Of course Mr. Saxton doesn't grasp that the Oregon leadership cares little about public school graduation rates because their children go to the 'better' schools. And they are situated to see that their children go on to college and become the successful person, wage earner and taxpayer.

Another news story that is doomed to be repeated year after year.  I wonder how the Oregonian editorial board will comment?