Saturday, November 24, 2012

Susan Rice - the 'pushy woman' or comeuppance?

Susan Rice the United States' ambassador to the United Nations faces a rough road to succeed Hilary Clinton as the secretary of state. Two old white, and decidedly with a right wing tinge, Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have vowed to defeat the once expected nomination by the president.

At first I suspected race, but President Bush had his Rice who was a very competent secretary of state. But apparently she knew how to play with the big boys. Susan Rice doesn't. [Backed by Obama, sharp-tongued Susan Rice battles critics].

The vehicle to her overthrow is her comments relating to the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. But even a cursory analysis demonstrates a lack of substance in the effort to fault her.  However, a good view of her inability to play nice is found in the comments by other U.N. diplomats.
"Diplomats on the 15-nation U.N. Security Council privately complain of Rice's aggressive negotiating tactics, describing her with terms like "undiplomatic" and "sometimes rather rude." They attributed some blunt language to Rice - "this is crap," "let's kill this" or "this is bullshit."
"She's got a sort of a cowboy-ish attitude," one Western diplomat said. "She has a tendency to treat other countries as mere (U.S.) subsidiaries."
The ugly American. Arguably she is getting her just desserts. It is not enough to be competent to succeed - getting along or at least not being abrasive is necessary in the long haul.

And while it might to easy to label her as 'pushy' but not male counterparts, people who are pushy, over-aggressive, male or female, that see themselves as God's gift - find themselves without supporters they need at the time it would benefit them the most.

Stepping on others on the way up the ladder of success has its comeuppance.

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